Welcome to the Men's Group
What Happens When Men Become Brutally Honest?
(Drama, Comedy 130min)

Timothy Bottoms (Johnny Got His Gun, The Last Picture Show) Stephen Tobolowski (Groundhog Day, Memento, Thelma and Louise, Californication) David Clennon (The Paper Chase, Bound for Glory, Being There) Joseph Culp (Mad Men, Fantastic Four, Apollo 13) Mackenzie Astin (The Facts of Life, Homeland) Phil Abrams (Strange Angel, The Mindy Project, About A Boy, Grey's Anatomy) Terence J. Rotolo (The Scorpion King, Dead Rising) Ali Saam (The Big Picture)

In a world with changing attitudes on masculinity, an odd-ball men's support group descends into chaos when one member appears headed for a breakdown and long-standing conflicts threaten the trust between the men.

"A strong cast... exposing the underside of male privilege and domination... spiced with humor." - The Hollywood Reporter

“It's hilarious. It's irreverent. It's poignant. It tackles men's issues that most movies these days won't touch....” - The Mankind Project

"This is a film that changes the rules." - Agenda Magazine