Animal House of Blues 33 1/3rpm
The Start of the Blues Brothers
(Documentary 90min)

Animal House of Blues' 331/3 is the latest and greatest edition of an award winning documentary film made by passionate cast and crew members that worked on 'National Lampoon's Animal House. We wanted to share with the world additional behind-the-scenes-never-before-told stories of how the Psychedelic Merry Pranksters saved the production from being scrapped by the studio, and the Birth of the Blues Brothers, as well as many others. It has utilized hundreds of new black and white images from the actual behind-the-scenes filming. The incredible soundtrack includes re-mastered and never-before-released reel-to-reel tracks of John Belushi singing with Robert Cray and Curtis Salgado at the Eugene Hotel on October 31st, 1977.