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Aella is a woman whose life is going nowhere. Unable to find a job and failing to pay bills, she receives a mysterious invitation through her mail for an audition. Excited at the prospect of becoming a film star, Aella goes to the location and is asked to perform a fight sequence for camera.

The ‘audition’ is actually a setup and she is kidnapped. When she wakes she is thrown into a world of underground fighting for the amusement of a hidden crime cartel. The cartel’s leader takes a special interest in her and pushes her to become more violent. Forging a relationship with the other captives, Aella refuses to submit and plans her escape.

Run time: 85 Tagline: To rise you must be willing to fall Release: 2021

Stars: Eric Roberts Larry L. Andrews Mair Mulroney Maricris Lapaix Rock Riddle Taya Valkyrie

In Episode three, We are reunited with Detective Jake Darcy and Femme fatale Jackie Delacroix. They find themselves once again, thrown headlong into a trouble as they run from gangsters and corrupt police.

Run time: 78 Release: 2019

Stars: Cecily Crow Daniel Coble Greg James Mandy Stockholm Miah Washburn

Jake Darcy, a down on his luck Private detective takes on a job looking for a missing girl. Jake stumbles upon a murder scene and rescues a femme fatale. Drawn into a deadly intrigue, Jake is pursued by a psychotic killer with a vendetta.

Run time: 78 Release: 2019

Stars: Cecily Crow Daniel Baldwin Miah Washburn Shannon Day

Jackie DelaCroix, A street wise woman from the wrong side of town, finds herself in the middle of a deadly struggle while hunting for her sisters murderer. Now she is on the run from a vicious gangster and a corrupt D.A. who both want her dead.

Run time: 65 Release: 2019

Stars: Brian Sutherland Eve Brenner Jeffrey Arrington Mandy Stockholm

Tano is the right-hand man of Don Carmelo, a powerful Padrino of the United Sacred Crown, the criminal organization of Puglia, South Italy. Tano falls in love with Vittoria, a charming woman, and wants to change his life for her, but it is not permitted to quit the United Sacred Crown.

Run time: 113 Tagline: The right-hand man of a powerful Italian Mafia Padrino plans to quit the mob, but everyone who tried before only found death. Release: 2014

Stars: Andrea Roncato Nela Lucic Rinaldo Talamonti Vittorio Boscolo

Lanie, a beautiful young woman, married to a good husband and blessed with a smart little child, wakes up from a nightmare to find out that what she was dreaming of is about to happen, turning a perfect family life into hell.

Run time: 71 Release: 2017

Stars: Kim Soriquez Lanie Martin Gumarang Ruben Maria Soriquez

Two bumbling thieves, better suited for robbing a lunch truck than a Brinks truck, accidentally rob a chainsaw wielding Mafioso and now are forced to take on the heist of a lifetime in order to stay alive.

Run time: 90 Release: 2018

Stars: Adan Allende Alejandro Antonio Bertha Galindo Daniel Foxx Daniel Gonzales DeWayne Cox Erubey Cervantes Fernando Allende Francis Gonzalez George Contreras Ivette González Juan Blasquez Leila Ciancaglini Mario E. Garcia Stephanie Gerard

On assignment to kill a failed candidate, mob henchman Joe King also kills his wife, Miranda, a key component to why he lives a life of crime in obedient silence. Encompassed with regret and rage, Joe sets about killing those he blames for the traumatic events he and Miranda have endured.

Run time: 78 Tagline: Vengeance is his Release: 2012

Stars: Alexander Yi James J Johnson Jane Petkofksy Paul Sieber Rick Kain Robert Leembruggen Tamieka Chavis

Murphy Dunn, a wannabe James Bond, is relegated to a down and out private detective. Murphy finally gets his big break when he is hired by a sultry woman from his past to find her missing son. Murphy soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery of mayhem, music and murder surrounding an obscure 1970's rock record with a chance to finally "shoot his weapon"! Will the guns, gadgets, gizmos and his good looks be enough to capture the Villain and impress the ladies?

Run time: 90 Tagline: One Killer Single Release: 2010

Stars: Abby Miller Dee Wallace Jeremy Luke Josh Wingate Kelly Van Kirk Matthew Ashford Sean Wing Tarina Pouncy Todd Robert Anderson

Set in the City of Angels, a smooth-talking Con man, Kook Packard, and walking time-bomb Undercover Cop, Mickey Rady, work together to rob high end Criminals that beat the law. On the tail end of their working relationship, they reluctantly decide to pull one last job together for the big payday, on a high-profile prostitution ring run by a former TV Star. Packard and Rady pull the heist and get paid, but get set up by someone who's been on their tail. Now the duo must decide if they can fight out of a downward spiral, and if they can trust each other to survive.

Run time: 75 Tagline: In a City full of Criminals...what difference does 2 more make? Release: 2017

Stars: Amanda Clayton Chris Anglin. Chris Caldovino. Brandon Heitkamp Claudia Christian Erin O’Brien Hawthorne James Ione Butler Kevin Interdonato Kristen Dalton Louis Mandylor Peter Dobson

Drugs and grand theft auto, Raul lives his life on the edge. Faced with the painful choice between love and riches, Raul makes a shocking choice, blinded by the nightclub lights. A thrilling first-person view through the eyes of a drug dealer. It is Miami, but it may well be LA, NY, Atlanta,Chicago,Dallas or anyone's backyard, where hustlers play and the game has no rules.

Run time: 94 Tagline: Sunny Place... Shady People Release: 2013

Stars: Andres Dominguez Anthony Bless Belkys Galvez David Lago J.Bishop Ky-Mani Marley Oscar Torre

Ian Velloza (Vila Faia) is Vega, a small-time wiseguy who gets kicked out of his gang just when he expects to move up. Out for revenge, Vega teams up with a bunch of delinquent small-time criminals to pay back the leader of the gang, Barbas.Vega's plan is to beat Barbas's gang to the scene of a planned robbery and get the money first. What Vega doesn't realize is that Barbas has many enemies, all of whom had the same idea. Now Vega and his ragtag team must fight through a horde of gangsters to get to the loot--and survive.

Run time: 107 Tagline: Vengeance is Not a Game for Losers Release: 2015

Stars: Daniel Martinho Ian Veloza Miguel Meneses Paulp Azeyelo Sarri Lucas

Pinching Penny is the story of Alex (Steven Molony), a British small-time crook trapped in the town of Fargo, North Dakota, where his compulsive spending addiction spirals out of control and sends him on an absurd crime spree. Together with his dim-witted Scottish pal Murphy (Timothy J. Meyer), Alex tries to support his habit with robberies and home invasions, until one ill-fated caper brings them face-to-face with Teddi (Ginny Glaser), a femme fatale who can get Murphy to do anything she wants. It’s Teddi’s idea to up the boys’ game to kidnapping. But when the trio tries to ransom Penny, a rich attorney’s feisty daughter (Lauren J. Wertz), you just know that, as Alex says, “This will not end well.”
Acclaimed by critics as a “punch to the gut crime caper,” Pinching Penny is a fast-paced crime thriller that takes you on a dizzying roller coaster ride of danger, compulsion and depravity. The unapologetic debut film of 22-year-old writer/director Dan Glaser, Pinching Penny has been compared to early works by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers, and is destined to become a cult classic.

Run time: 104 Tagline: You Know How A Kidnapping Works, Don't You? Release: 2012

Stars: Bill Lucas Brianna Lucas Chadwick Richard Anderson Ginny Glaser Holly Orth Jeff Nichol Lauren J. Wertz Mark Hanna Martin Jonason Michael Stromenger Parker Shook Paul Vonasek Robert Niebeling Ryan Niebeling Sebastian John Hull Steven Molony Teresa Litfin-Wertz Timothy J. Meyer Tom Gillen

TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS follows Roland Drake, a 1940s Private Investigator trying to untangle a mystery that's only landing him in deeper trouble, in an adventure that ticks all the classic boxes -- seductive femme fatales, corrupt cops, a weary PI, and troublesome thugs and dames.

Run time: 117 Release: 2015

Stars: Ben Pace Benton Jennings Brittney Powell Jordana Capra Mollie Fitzgerald Steve Tom Tom Konkle Vernon Wells

Wisper, a successful black businessman and bar owner, lives with his family in an affluent white neighborhood. A self-made man and proud of it, Wisper has a personal photographer who follows him everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except when he visits his mistress, Melonie. One night, he comes home from Melonie’s place to find his wife and children murdered and, despite his alibi, the cops consider Wisper a prime suspect. Frustrated with the lack of results from the police, and worried that he will be made a scapegoat, Wisper decides to investigate the murder on his own. As he and his photographer, Laura, search for clues, Wisper realizes he may not like what he finds.

Run time: 91 Tagline: To Catch A Murderer You Need More Then Police Release: 2020

Stars: Anngeannette Pinkston Antonio Bamoozie April Eppse Beth Rosen Cameron Newsome Charlotte Blacklock Christian Barber Craig Batchker David Lee Debbie Klaar Denise Boccio Doriane Louisy Louis-Joseph Dwayne Chandler Gayle Samuels Guy Whitlock Isabel Romero Isaiah Seward Joseph Coppola Kenishia Green Lanisha Javon Gholston Laquana Henny Lilly Castro Melissa Visco Michael Emery Michael Olibrice Michael Ray Mike Marino Morris D. Small Naaji Kenn Nestor Delgado Nicholas E. Calhoun Purnell Holloway Rachel Jarvis Rebbekah Alson (= Rebbekah Vega-Romero) Ryan Scott Thomas Shanel Cheatham Susan Buckwell Tanika Inlaw Chambers Tanisha Hereast Terry Lee King Tiffany Lloyd Tiffany M. Johnson Tim Cinnante Timothy Lee Conley Travis Terrell Jacobs Tyler Shand Vincent Michel Paul Filliatre Will Johnson