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After his wife is diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, a young husband must choose between letting the man she had an affair with donate marrow to save her life, or let her die.

Run time: 118 Release: 2024

Stars: Angie Piras-Prescenzi Bill Palmer Brian Bowman Cassaundria Robinson Cevin Fisher Haley Julian Kia Quinn M. Simeon R. Frazier Mark A. Cummings Mary Hutton Maurice Bailey Micah Robinson Nancy Nichole Ray Powell

A rookie US Homeland Security Agent is assigned to an investigation of a large amount of dirty cash heading towards Mexico. The agent faces the brutal cartel in an attempt to confiscate their money, so he can keep it for himself.

Run time: 105 Release: 2024

Stars: Enrique Diaz Jose Gonzales Juan Garza Hinojosa Juan Humberto Garza Luis Cale Norma Calix Pablo Esparza Polo Ferrari Sergio Reynoso Yency Osorio

Andi, a faithful woman devoted to work, friends and marriage, begins to lose all of it, including her eyesight. Devotedness and denial have her trapped in abuse, but the devastating journey of betrayal and loss may be just the catalyst for Andi to “see” what she never could before.

Run time: 101 Tagline: When you can’t see what your life really is, tragedy has a way of revealing it. Release: 2024

Stars: Angie Ripullo Armando DuBon Jr Craig Scime Damion Stephens Emilio Martinez Emily Coupe Erika Toraya Jeffrey Kaye Joe Wagstaff Keith Weber Laura Black Lisa Burnham Michael Sorrells Mirella Acebo Pat Paschall Sarah Ambrosio Steve Brio

Haunted by the painful reminder of her infertility and questionable diagnosis, a woman is lured into a world of shrouded conspiracies and nefarious strangers, when an alienated teenager claims she is her daughter.

Run time: 99 Release: 2024

Stars: Brett Sullivan Santry Caroline Travers Christian Benton Connor McNelis Hazel Carr-Leroy Jess Uhler Joe Eberle Kathleen Regan Marcus Muzopappa Mark Henne Noah J. Welter Rachel Pfennigwerth Richard Cavallucci Sarah Deasy Stacey Rosleck Theo Sebastian Warren Ashburn

After being on the run from his checkered past, Michael is forced to return home, only to have his sins follow close behind. Eventually caught between his past life and new one, Michael is led to a collision course with destiny.

Run time: 89 Tagline: On the run for years, an ex criminal returns home for a chance at salvation and revenge. Release: 2024

A group of three friends find out that their childhood action hero is currently shooting his next film in town. After a series of bad decisions involving the local and Russian mafia, Japanese Yakuza diamond smugglers and so much more, the three oblivious fiends decide to rob the production to solve all their problems!

Run time: 100 Tagline: A group of three friends find out that their childhood action hero is currently shooting his next film in town. Release: 2020

Stars: Jonas Talkington Julian Malinov Milko Yovchev Peter Petrov-Pero Plamen Dimov Raymond Steers Terry Randall Yuta Takenaka

A group of reporters prank U.S. President John Hunderson by telling him the nation is at war. Unfortunately, he believes it, and now the reporters must continue their lie, pushing the Hunderson to the brink of insanity.

Run time: 66 Tagline: The War is Fake. The Stupidity is Real. Release: 2023

Stars: Amanda Blanco Amanda Nave Andrew Hinson Brad Nicholas Eric Trice Heather Gonzales Jim Hanson Joshua Hinson Matt Hudson Michael Peake Terry Chapman Victoria Baker

Tibetan opera combined with a touch of western rock music guides you through the amazing landscapes of Tibet while the opera singer Yiga crosses the mountains. Yiga wants to sing, she doesn't want to undergo the cultural make over forced on her and the other people of Tibet.

Run time: 75 Tagline: A chronicle of the heroic life of one of the greatest singers of our times. Release: 2013

Stars: Chris Constantinou Joseph Rezwin Namgyal Lhamo Robert Lin

A family during the quarantine. The wife desperately and helplessly wants to be a mother. Her brother, a mentally ill man, lives in a never ending football dream. Franco, the husband, seems to be the only one who still remains tied to reality. But for how much longer?

Run time: 107 Tagline: Italian Family Life in Quarantine Release: 2021

Stars: Daniele Malagnino Denis Malagnino Simona Malagnino

Disappointed with life and love in Italy, American DJ Russell wants to return to America, but he doesn't have the money to do it. His Chantal, an Italian dancer, left him to make a career. Taking advantage of Russel's similarity with her husband Doctor Fulvio Ricciardi, Lucrezia, a shrewd and Machiavellian woman, offers him a hope: she will give him the money to go to America if he will help her to withdraw a large amount of money in the bank. Upon accepting, Russell will be embroiled in a series of sinister and deadly events that will turn his life into hell.

Run time: 84 Tagline: Film Noir - Italian Style Release: 10/1/2023

Stars: Corinna Coroneo Fiorella Franco Gabriele Silvestrini Mara D'Alessandro Randall Paul

A young, straight laced police detective, Jack Carrouseau, inadvertently crosses paths with a mysterious assassin named Miko. Despite requests from federal agents and his peers to end the pursuit, he continues to investigate the hit man, and uncovers a trail of blood and death stretching from the beaches of Southern California to the inner boroughs of Washington DC. Including a brief encounter with a prostitute, the events that follow forever change him and everyone involved.

Run time: 92 Tagline: Follow the Blood Find the Assassin Release: 2011

Stars: David Perkins Dawn Reed Fernando A. Mico Jay Edwards Marie Tongol Paya Bruneau

When Mike discovers his father needs money for heart surgery, he and his friends enter an underground fight-club where B-Boys and B-Girls physically battle for money and reputation. As the fights get more dangerous, Mike must learn to work with his team or he will lose everything!

Run time: 90 Tagline: Dance Fight! Release: 2016

Stars: Alison Dahlstrom Ingle Catindig Jd “Twixx” Rainey Jeremy “Mookie” Washington Jonathan Phan Josh Ventura Marie “Poppins” Bonnevay PeiPei Alena Yuan Richie Greenfield Ricky Cole

While millions of Americans rejoice over the Supreme Court gay marriage decision, Michael Reed is in a desperate search for his boyfriend, Zach Tosh. He secretly enlists the assistance of Private Investigator, Kylie Morgan, to help solve the mysterious disappearance of Zach after receiving no support from his prestigious parents, Pastor Colin and Congresswoman Camilla Reed

Tagline: When the bonds of love are shattered by the freedom of sexual expression, uncontrolled emotions and perspectives lead to a homicidal act of vengeance.

A young couple from Mexico decide to come to the U.S. in search of the "American Dream". Illegals in a foreign country, no family, no friends. They are forced to confront the choices they have made.

Run time: 60 Tagline: For My Daughter Release: 2/1/22

Stars: Christopher Bustos Daniela Vidaurre Luciana Elisa Quinonez

In a cafè in the city with a glorious past that has turned to dust, a fascinating woman appears. Her presence at the same time, every day, causes a variety of comments from the customers, her enigmatic silence spontaneously brings out aspects unknown even to the people that are present.

Run time: 75 Tagline: Original Title - Una Sconosciuta Release: 3/1/22

Stars: Andrea Muzzi Desiree Noferini Sandra Ceccarelli Sebastaino Somma

Giulia Montelli, is a police detective. Her boss sent her on a mission alone to a psychiatric clinic in central Italy to interrogate Matteo Muzzi, a serial killer of influencers and show girls, who is accused of repeated murders.

Run time: 99 Release: 3/1/22

Stars: Adrien Liss Corinna Coroneo Iago García Klaudia Pepa Lorenzo Tarocchi Simonetta Ingrosso

A broken man finds the one thing he can't live without, only to lose it. He can't bring back the woman he loves, but he can cover the ground with the blood of his enemy. "OCTOPUS POT" syndrome - the Japanese call it Takotsubo syndrome - when stressful events cause the heart to balloon and distort, causing it to look like a traditional fishing trap. It scars and weakens the heart muscles and causes the left ventricle to distort and enlarge. The only outcome is certain death.

Run time: 88 Tagline: Revenge Is Sweeter Than Love Release: 3/1/22

Stars: Clara Helms Eric James Gravolin Erica Eynon Hafedh Dakhlaoui Jamie Treselyan Kristy Wordsworth Leif Holt Mykel Shannon Jenkins Natasha Arancini Shawn Kathryn Kane

Eugene, a lonely photographer, becomes fixated on a young street prostitute, Josephine, in his rundown neighborhood. She becomes his muse and his photographs could be a way out for both of them - yet is Eugene saving Josephine or is he using her?

Run time: 95 Tagline: His Inspiration Is More Than You Can Handle Release: 2/1/22

Stars: Andy McPhee Jack Campbell Jillian Murray Krista Vendy Kym Valentine Lee Mason Peter D Flaherty Roger Ward Sarah Timm

A young woman aspires to become a 9-ball professional and champion but her hustling uncle has other plans for her skills.

Run time: 85 Release: 2017

Stars: Allison Fisher Anthony List Brian Anthony Wilson Carrie Leigh Snodgrass Jeanette Lee aka Black Widow Jeanine Bartel Jennifer Barretta Jennifer Butler Kayli Maree Tolleson Kurt Hanover Lisa Roman Mark Kochanowicz Rachel A Tisera

British TV veteran and BAFTA winner Martin Gooch wrote and directed this tale of four estranged siblings brought together by their inventor father’s sudden death. Seven years after killing their favorite brother in a lab accident, their father was engaged in a secret experiment that drained the family fortune and ultimately took his life. Searching for clues to what happened, the adult children discover that if they can’t overcome their differences and work together, both their father and brother will be lost forever between two worlds.
Featuring: Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hot Fuzz), Leslie Phillips (Late Bloomers, Harry Potter) Michael McKell (East Enders, Emmerdale), Linal Haft (Moulin Rouge!, East Enders), David Acton (Persuasion)

Run time: 92 Tagline: It's Not What You Think Release: 2013

Stars: Ben Shockley Brooke Burfitt Claira Watson Parr David Acton David Wayman Genevieve Berkeley-Steele Ian Livingstone Jonathan Hansler Leslie Phillips Linal Haft Mark Felgate Michael McKell Nick Moran Nicola Goodchild Paul Freeman

Wisper, a successful black businessman and bar owner, lives with his family in an affluent white neighborhood. A self-made man and proud of it, Wisper has a personal photographer who follows him everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except when he visits his mistress, Melonie. One night, he comes home from Melonie’s place to find his wife and children murdered and, despite his alibi, the cops consider Wisper a prime suspect. Frustrated with the lack of results from the police, and worried that he will be made a scapegoat, Wisper decides to investigate the murder on his own. As he and his photographer, Laura, search for clues, Wisper realizes he may not like what he finds.

Run time: 91 Tagline: To Catch A Murderer You Need More Then Police Release: 2020

Stars: Anngeannette Pinkston Antonio Bamoozie April Eppse Beth Rosen Cameron Newsome Charlotte Blacklock Christian Barber Craig Batchker David Lee Debbie Klaar Denise Boccio Doriane Louisy Louis-Joseph Dwayne Chandler Gayle Samuels Guy Whitlock Isabel Romero Isaiah Seward Joseph Coppola Kenishia Green Lanisha Javon Gholston Laquana Henny Lilly Castro Melissa Visco Michael Emery Michael Olibrice Michael Ray Mike Marino Morris D. Small Naaji Kenn Nestor Delgado Nicholas E. Calhoun Purnell Holloway Rachel Jarvis Rebbekah Alson (= Rebbekah Vega-Romero) Ryan Scott Thomas Shanel Cheatham Susan Buckwell Tanika Inlaw Chambers Tanisha Hereast Terry Lee King Tiffany Lloyd Tiffany M. Johnson Tim Cinnante Timothy Lee Conley Travis Terrell Jacobs Tyler Shand Vincent Michel Paul Filliatre Will Johnson

When Steve (Shaun Goss) is released from prison, he is unable to connect with his girlfriend (Bree Desborough), as he is still haunted by his relationship with a fellow inmate.
Taking a community services job delivering meals, Steve meets Rod (Henri Szeps), a wildly irrepressible older man, who is the full time carer for his invalid mother (Maria Venuti) who, when not confined to a wheelchair, gets about on her modified ride-on lawn mower.
Steve is captivated by the older pair’s extravagant world of make-believe and a close friendship between the men develops.
A raw and edgy contemporary drama with a touch of surreal humour. Bathing Franky is a film about hope, forgiveness and the double-edged sword of imagination and fantasy as a means for dealing with the harsher aspects of life.

Run time: 86 Tagline: With our imagination we make the world Release: 2012

Stars: Alexander Spinks Ben Tranter Bree Desborough Brendan Madigan Henri Szeps Jancita Day Letitia Sutherland Maria Venuti Matthew J. Schelle Michael Winchester Shaun Goss

The Surrogate explores the messy secrets and complicated nature of parenthood and the modern family, all the while testing the boundaries of love and friendship and the bioethics of surrogacy.

Run time: 94 Tagline: Surrogate Entanglements Release: 2022

Stars: Amy Resnick Erin Daniels Jennifer Mudge Kathryn Smith-McGlynn Louis Ozawa Tate Moore Wendie Malick

A random act of kindness sparks a forbidden love affair between a white girl and an Indian man during the Apartheid system in South Africa.

Run time: 98 Tagline: Forbidden Love Release: 2016

Stars: Andrew Govender Deon Lotz Leleti Khumalo Nicola Breytenbach Terwadkar Rajiv

Gabby's life is on hold; in fact life happens to her. She's broke, aimless, living with her mother, and working out of her old high school bedroom as a phone sex operator. She's frustrated. Then she gets a call from Martin. He is out for more than just arousal; he is looking for a connection. He charms Gabby with his self-effacing wit, and jokes about his glamorous life as a Hollywood sci-fi screenwriter. He lives in the same city as Gabby’s estranged and successful sister, Esther. Martin is a far cry from her last boyfriend, Chicago meathead Vince. Gabby has always been a bit impulsive, so she spontaneously decides to fly out to Los Angeles, drop in on her unsuspecting sister, and meet up with the man of her dreams. But she soon learns in the City of Angels, things are more complicated than they appear.

Run time: 88 Release: 2018

Stars: Pam Mack Rusty Schwimmer Stephanie Jane Markham Stephnie Weir Timothy Omundson Todd Stashwick

When her mother suffers a heart attack, successful New York writer Stephanie Golden sets aside her job and fiancé to return to her hometown in Kansas. There she finds a family in turmoil and her younger sister Monica sinking into the dark world of drug addiction.
As Monica spirals out of control, Stephanie seeks the help of former classmate and recovering addict Billy. Stephanie struggles to confront Monica about her addiction while dealing with her unexpected feelings for her old friend.
Though her hometown is haunted with painful memories, Stephanie must find the courage to save her sister no matter the cost.

Run time: 112 Tagline: Family Never Gives Up The Fight Release: 2017

Stars: Anika Paulette Brian Paulette Chris Bylsma Christie Scanlin Dobson Christopher Hayes Cinnamon Schultz Crystal Arnette David Castellani Diana Dresser Jackie Markway Janice Craft Jillian Markway Keith Loneker Kitty Mitchell Mark Devine Michael Nuccio Michelle Davidson Nicole Hodges Persley Paul Fellers Reno Ovalle Sally Bremenkamp Sam Coleman Vanessa Severo Will Averill

TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS follows Roland Drake, a 1940s Private Investigator trying to untangle a mystery that's only landing him in deeper trouble, in an adventure that ticks all the classic boxes -- seductive femme fatales, corrupt cops, a weary PI, and troublesome thugs and dames.

Run time: 117 Release: 2015

Stars: Ben Pace Benton Jennings Brittney Powell Jordana Capra Mollie Fitzgerald Steve Tom Tom Konkle Vernon Wells

Popular party girl Erica gets a dose of reality when she's forced to do community service at a soup kitchen. Still reeling from losing her mother to cancer, she is aloof and distant from her father Ethan when she gets into a car accident and is placed at Angela's Soup Kitchen by her case worker Ramona. She hates it, believing she is being unfairly punished. But a new friendship based on a mutual love for Geocaching and the realization that the patrons of the soup kitchen are much worse off than she could've imagined leads Erica to ask herself what is the meaning of life, and where can she find it?

Run time: 90 Tagline: Geochaching to find a new life Release: 2018

Stars: Ansley Gordon Chelsea Kenny Christopher Mark Dohrn Darin Ferraro Emalie Holmes Jacob Phillips John Hardy Liz Day Manual Graves Marlynda Ruiz Matt Mercurio Meghan Colleen Moroney Morales Greyson Oneida Rodriquez Rebeca Blair Sean Morris Shanise Jordan Sherod Ogletree Thomas Noel Smith Wayne DeBarry

THICK is a tale about a burgeoning apartment complex magnate, THERESA JAMES, who runs illegal businesses in her neighborhoods for added financial gain. Feeling the aftermath of the 2010 Recession, Theresa tries to regain a foot hold in her underworld, professional and private life as her employees start to undermine her by looking for a way out of her fledgling criminal empire.

Run time: 74 Tagline: Power, Sex, Money, There Is No Loyalty Release: 2014

Stars: Caleb Jackson Chaseedaw Giles Pascale Piquion Ronald Benson-El Tia Dae

Adam & Samuel, twin brothers who dream of success as cinema stunt men, become entangled with mafia after accepting an obscure assignment. Now, they are in for the fight of their lives. And this time, it's real.

Run time: 72 Tagline: This fight is real Release: 2014

Stars: Andrew Dasz Gonzalo Berzosa Mariam Hernandez Oscar Abad Pepe Batista Steven Dasz

A handpicked team of British commandoes take on a simple mission: Extract the mysterious Professor Black (Jak Carr) from his hiding place in Gallows Woods and bring him back alive. But soon, commander Vet (Nigel Woodings) and his five subordinates suspect that Black has deployed a stealth army to surround and protect him. Bullets fly and bloodied corpses litter the ground as Vet fights his way to Black’s inner sanctum, where he faces the ultimate weapon and a bitter truth.

Run time: 97 Tagline: Death is the Only Escape Release: 2013

Stars: A.D. Barker Andrew Gibney Ben Waldran Chris Battelle Cilente Bosman Dave Holmes Edward C Parker Jak Carr James McCabe Nigel Woodings

Rum Runners is the epic story of two best friends, Vic Hanson and Don Calyer. They get caught running illegal booze across the Canadian border. This outstanding screenplay is inspired by actual events. This story promises to have you entertained, and the topic of many conversations for years to come. Vic and Don escape through a hail of bullets and car crashes that will leave its viewers breathless. After their heart stopping escape, they resort to flying a biplane over the US/Canadian border full of illegal rum, thus the name "RUM RUNNERS". They anger a local moon shiner named Tiny, who has known ties to Al Capone and the Chicago mob. Tiny proves to be trouble for them. After Vic and Don's plane is shot down by Tiny, Tiny then foils a second attempt that leaves Vic's girlfriend dead, now the hunter becomes the hunted,Vic will stop at nothing to get Tiny and his goons and paid off corrupt Government agents. The stage is set for the climatic ending that will leave our viewers pleasantly exhausted, wanting the adventure to continue.

Run time: 106 Tagline: Fighting for your booze Release: 2016

Stars: Billy St. John Brian Stuart Boyd Bryan Martin Crystal Bell Giovanna Cappetta Joseph D. Wulczynski Kerry Wallum Mariah Manina Mitch Manina Natasha Dee Davis Rick Cook Vernon Wells Yves Bright

Pinching Penny is the story of Alex (Steven Molony), a British small-time crook trapped in the town of Fargo, North Dakota, where his compulsive spending addiction spirals out of control and sends him on an absurd crime spree. Together with his dim-witted Scottish pal Murphy (Timothy J. Meyer), Alex tries to support his habit with robberies and home invasions, until one ill-fated caper brings them face-to-face with Teddi (Ginny Glaser), a femme fatale who can get Murphy to do anything she wants. It’s Teddi’s idea to up the boys’ game to kidnapping. But when the trio tries to ransom Penny, a rich attorney’s feisty daughter (Lauren J. Wertz), you just know that, as Alex says, “This will not end well.”
Acclaimed by critics as a “punch to the gut crime caper,” Pinching Penny is a fast-paced crime thriller that takes you on a dizzying roller coaster ride of danger, compulsion and depravity. The unapologetic debut film of 22-year-old writer/director Dan Glaser, Pinching Penny has been compared to early works by Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers, and is destined to become a cult classic.

Run time: 104 Tagline: You Know How A Kidnapping Works, Don't You? Release: 2012

Stars: Bill Lucas Brianna Lucas Chadwick Richard Anderson Ginny Glaser Holly Orth Jeff Nichol Lauren J. Wertz Mark Hanna Martin Jonason Michael Stromenger Parker Shook Paul Vonasek Robert Niebeling Ryan Niebeling Sebastian John Hull Steven Molony Teresa Litfin-Wertz Timothy J. Meyer Tom Gillen

Starring Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars 7 seasons), Alanna Masterson (The Walking Dead 5 seasons)
Peach Plum Pear is the story of Jesse, a troubled young man from Los Angeles, and his best friend,Will, as they begin the journey from California to Chicago for a vague and unspecified reason. Upon further investigation we learn that Jesse's estranged father lives in Chicago and they might be headed there to visit him.After a stop in Nebraska for what they think will be just one night of partying, their car is stolen and they find themselves stuck in a small town, staying at the home of Sharon, the bartender, and her rough and tumble husband, Hank. Working as handymen for Hank in exchange for his car, Jesse and Will meet young and eccentric Dora, a girl from the neighborhood with a disturbing relationship with her abusive father and boyfriend.An epic climax followed by a surprise ending creates an unforgettable third act and proves that Peach Plum Pear has never been seen before.

Run time: 109 Tagline: On the way to Chicago Release: 2017

Stars: Alanna Masterson Alex Beh Hal Ozsan Joris Jarsky Mackenzie Phillips Robert F. Lyons Tyler Blackburn

Ian Velloza (Vila Faia) is Vega, a small-time wiseguy who gets kicked out of his gang just when he expects to move up. Out for revenge, Vega teams up with a bunch of delinquent small-time criminals to pay back the leader of the gang, Barbas.Vega's plan is to beat Barbas's gang to the scene of a planned robbery and get the money first. What Vega doesn't realize is that Barbas has many enemies, all of whom had the same idea. Now Vega and his ragtag team must fight through a horde of gangsters to get to the loot--and survive.

Run time: 107 Tagline: Vengeance is Not a Game for Losers Release: 2015

Stars: Daniel Martinho Ian Veloza Miguel Meneses Paulp Azeyelo Sarri Lucas

Never Quit is a victorious story of a female athlete whose rise to stardom and popularity suddenly misses the shot. Discover how we don't always understand God's plan, but realize everything happens for a reason.

Run time: 79 Tagline: Quitters Never Win, Winners Never Quit Release: 2018

Stars: Andrea Munoz Barbara Ackles Bill Ross Brady Martin Cara Cochran Chirag Patel Eloiza D’Lima-Flores Erika Freeman Geena Bocci Haley Hussey Holley Arnold Ian Haywood Jason Carmicheal Kristin McCormich Kristin McKenzie Lee Waddell Nick Nicholson Nicole Crump Sara Kelly Scott Bentley Sheryl Denise Tasha Denise Tonyai Dyer

Starring: Rob Mayes (90210, Thor Ragnarok, SWAT) Isabella Blake-Thomas (Once Upon A Time, Kepler’s Dream) Kelly Sullivan (The Morning Show, Henry Danger, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) Flex Alexnder (Snakes on a Plane, CSI Miami, Grandma’s House, Grey’s Anatomy) Daniella Alonso (Mall Cop 2, The Hills Have Eyes 2, One Tree Hill, Dynasty)
"Maybe I'm Fine" is the story of a young girl, Sam Childs, who is tasked with helping her mother Denise divorce her deadbeat, musician, ex-husband Barry, so she can marry her new love, Jeffrey. During parents’ weekend while away at summer camp, Sam and Barry, unbeknownst to Denise and the camp, make their way up to a music competition. On the way, they accidentally become accomplices to an armed robbery, get pursued by the law and Barry stumbles upon a new love interest.

Run time: 98 Release: 2020

Stars: Charlie Wright Dan Richardson Daniella Alonso Dia Frampton Flex Alexander Isabella Blake-Thomas Kelly Sullivan Mark Christopher Lawrence Mike Bradecich Rob Mayes

Based on the famous French novel Les Liaisons Dangeureux (Dangerous Liaisons)Log In is a 21st-century take on voyeurism, passion, and revenge. Janka and Banhegyi meet over the internet on a video dating site, where each is searching for clues to a loved one’s suicide. Janka has just learned that when her husband killed himself, he was secretly involved with Anett, a larcenous seductress he met through a video dating site. Banhegyi has just lost his daughter after her heart is broken by the wealthy and debauched Marco. Janka and Banhegyi plot to seduce Marco and Anett and extract revenge for the deaths, but they are caught in their own trap when they lose track of who is the seducer and who is being seduced.
Told entirely through computer video recordings, Log In is a sexy, scary rollercoaster ride that takes you to the heights and depths of human desire.

Run time: 82 Tagline: Sex, Cash, Chat Release: 2015

Stars: Andras Pal Jozsef Talos Kata Gaspar Nora Parti

Martial arts fueled adventure as Ben Silver aka The Liberator has only a few hours to retrieve a priceless stolen antique and return it undamaged to his mysterious female client, reformed cat burglar, Melinda Page.

Run time: 102 Tagline: Less Talk More Action Release: 2015

Stars: Ben Lettieri Bethan Coundley Daniel Cobb Daniel Jordan Emily Wyatt Jessica Bayly Keith Chanter Marc Alan Tobit Martin Wan Richard Ellegard

Sean Patrick Flannery (Boondock Saints), Kelly Lynch (Charlie's Angels), Holland Taylor (The Truman Show, Legally Blonde), Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad), Kelly Hu (X-Men 2), Isabella Blake-Thomas (Rise of the Guardians)
Eleven-year-old Ella (Isabella Blake-Thomas) is a city girl forced to spend the summer on the New Mexico ranch of her reclusive grandmother, Violet Von Stern (Holland Taylor), while Ella’s mom (Kelly Lynch) undergoes chemotherapy in another state. As she tries to cope with her grandmother’s strict rules and snooty friends, Ella longs for her mother and begs her estranged father for rescue. But Ella’s dad (Sean Patrick Flanery) has his own reasons to stay away from his childhood home. Meanwhile, Ella finds allies in fatherly ranch hand Miguel (Steven Michael Quezada) and his down-to-earth daughter, Rosie (Esperanza Fermin). But when a priceless book is stolen from Violet’s collection, Miguel is the key suspect, and Ella must find the real thief in order to save her friends--not knowing that solving the crime will reveal other surprising truths and change all their lives forever.

Run time: 90 Tagline: What We Treasure Brings Us Together Release: 2017

Stars: David Hunt Hank Rogerson Holland Taylor Isabella Blake-Thomas Kelly Hu Kelly Lynch Leedy Corbin Mark Sivertsen Ryan Jason Cook Sean Patrick Flanery Sedge Thomson Stafford Douglas Steven Michael Quezada Tailinh Agoyo

After enduring years of abuse from his alcoholic father and an unrelenting school bully, Jesse Peterson confesses his plan to commit suicide to his best friend, Sarah Moran. Feeling forced to keep silent about Jesse's intentions, Sarah embarks on the greatest trial of her life--to save her friend from his greatest enemy, himself.

Run time: 107 Release: 2018

Stars: Charlotte Cusmano Zanolli Jesse Walters Katerina Eichenberger Max MacKenzie Pamela Jayne Morgan William Galatis

Hope is the story of a young man who hits rock bottom with nowhere to turn. With the loss of all hope, desire and motivation. He is slowly built back up through faith and trust in God.

Run time: 77 Tagline: When all is lost, just believe Release: 2016

Stars: Aliyauna Nykol Carlos Sepulveda Debra A. Jackson Jason Carmichael LaMArc Johnson Lauren Galley Ryan Houston Sarah Dushon Timeca M. Serreti Tre Tureaud

"Tim Everitt’s FURIOUS is pure cinema. FURIOUS is a borderline experimental experience, but it is first and foremost that, an experience. The kind of movie you have to see to believe. One of the great American independent films.” - WonderAndRisk

“Furious is power. It’s magic. It’s a kaleidoscopic siege on the concept of storytelling. But those who persevere will be rewarded beyond their wildest imaginations.” - BleedingSkull

“Jodorowsky. Bunuel. Lynch. They’re filmmakers responsible for some of the most transgressive surrealist works in cinema history. Based on his work in 1984’s Furious, Tim Everitt may have had an eye on adding his name to this list.” - fistofblist

“It's a life-changing experience, a singular cinematic entity that blows open the Martial Arts genre into stunningly bizarre new possibilities” - View-From-The-Paperhouse

“Simon Rhee shows off his excellent fighting skills that would eventually make him a top-notch action director.” - KungFuCinema

Run time: 72 Tagline: Karate Heroes Fight Aliens For Control Of The Astral Plane! Release: 1984

Stars: Arlene Montano Howard Jackson Phillip Rhee Simon Rhee

Fast & Furious from South Africa.
As a kid in the eighties in South Africa, Lukas dreams of becoming a quarter mile racing champ. His mom tells him to stay away from those people because they are Racists. Lukas is too young to know what a racist is and hears it as 'Race-ist'. The Film follows his journey as a young man in modern South Africa where the limitation of color no longer applies... from Zero to hero in 10 seconds flat! With the help of two crazy Bio Chemists, Lukas will chase the title as quarter mile king of Brakpan!

Run time: 85 Tagline: Prepared To Be Moved Release: 2010

Stars: Andrew Wilmot Bradford Wood Brandon Auret Brigitte Williers Chad Luckhoff Craig Palm DJ Fresh Eunice Motsisi Gaositwe Getyes Genevieve Howard Ian Roberts Jonathan Pienaar Kriya Gangiah Kurt Darren Liezel van der Westhuizen Mark Stent Murray Todd Nicole Smart Sarah Kozlowski Strini Pillai

Saigon 1973. A young man's heart is breaking as he discovers his childhood love, the girl he grew up with, raped and murdered. He makes a fateful resolve to avenge her loss, thereby igniting a forty-year odyssey of revenge and death, which ends a continent away in a final climactic confrontation.

Run time: 88 Tagline: Revenge, 40 years in the making Release: 2017

Stars: Amanda Dunn Eric Roberts Ethan Marten Jonathan Marten Kevin Tan Michael Carey Nico Romero Phillip Martin

Drugs and grand theft auto, Raul lives his life on the edge. Faced with the painful choice between love and riches, Raul makes a shocking choice, blinded by the nightclub lights. A thrilling first-person view through the eyes of a drug dealer. It is Miami, but it may well be LA, NY, Atlanta,Chicago,Dallas or anyone's backyard, where hustlers play and the game has no rules.

Run time: 94 Tagline: Sunny Place... Shady People Release: 2013

Stars: Andres Dominguez Anthony Bless Belkys Galvez David Lago J.Bishop Ky-Mani Marley Oscar Torre

After devoting her life to the Marine Corp. as a top notch warrior, Major M.J Logos (Mimi Lesseos) feels that something is missing. She wants to know what it's like to be a regular woman. She leaves the Marine corp. and tries to start life again as a civilian. But she keeps being pulled back into combat in one way or another, having to fight her way to save her friend Sophia (Susan Duerden) from being ripped off in an evil plot by Sophia's assistant (Alfonso Freeman). During her adventures, Mimi meets Craig (Tom Sizemore), a handsome man who is maybe just a little too in touch with his feminine side. Heck let's face it, Mimi thinks he's gay. And Craig thinks M.J is just a little too much like a man. Between the two of them. M.J must learn to be more of a woman, and Craig must be more of a man.

Run time: 88 Tagline: Armed and Glamorous Release: 2009

Stars: Alfonso Freeman Almayvonne Andrew Ableson Anthony De Longis Cheryl Hawker Connie Stevens Gary Ballard Ismael 'East' Carlo Karen Black Kiki Haynes Mimi Lesseos Robin Hines Susan Duerden Tom Sizemore

An investigative journalist, crippled with anxiety disorder, retires from the field after a traumatic assignment, only to be lured back into her worst nightmare by a psychotic stalker, who insists that she solve one last, terrifying puzzle.

Run time: 74 Release: 2019

Stars: Charlie Gaetjens Matthew Crawley Orly Shemesh Robyn Babina

Young and vulnerable Toni (Christelle Baguidy) has just married the charming but shady Rick (Cameron Barnes, Deadly Women), who brings her to Devil's Cove, a seedy small-town bar frequented by drug addicts and petty crooks. There she meets Jackie (Chloe Traicos, I Wish I Were Stephanie V), a strangely charismatic sociopath, who seduces Toni and drags her into a surreal erotic road trip that begins with the murder of Toni’s husband, and ends with a trail of bodies leading Toni to a choice between her new lover and her own life.

Run time: 82 Tagline: You Arrive Innocent... You Leave Guilty Release: 2018

Stars: Asger Folmann Caesar James Cameron Barnes Chloe Traicos Christelle Baguidy Davis Barber Jakob Renken Jeff Prater Kent Hatch Louann Fernald Luke S. Perisin Michael Keyes Mindee de Lacey Rebecca Tudor Romy Teperson Ron Althoff Sammy Anderson Tiffany Toney

A lost woman camper with amnesia, an impaled leg, and a strange bag, struggles to survive a harsh desert and her inner monsters as she faces the possibility she may have killed her brother - and more.

Run time: 87 Release: 2019

Stars: Alaska Renee Anna Maganini Elaine Partnow Nigel Vonas

“Grim poetry, a searing reflection of our times.” – Harrison Cheung, Brave New Hollywood
Tired of the daily grind, construction worker Charlie “Red” Redkin (Gabe Fazio, The Place Beyond the Pines) and his lifelong friends are fed up with the fight for money. When ruthless developer Gene (Ed Setrakian, The Sopranos) and his greedy son Ira (Lev Gorn, The Americans) force the construction business run by Red’s father Senior (Bruce Kirkpatrick, The Wire) into debt, desperation and rage twist into a relentless need for revenge. As the pressure of a foreclosure threatens his family’s home, Red and his friends are propelled into a life of crime to get cash fast. But when the deceit and corruption become too heavy a burden, “the boys” are pushed to the edge.
An intensely compelling and gripping story inspired by true events, Blue Collar Boys captures the working-man’s everyday struggle to survive in a world that is constantly taking from them. Dubbed “the most politically appropriate film in theaters” by LA Weekly, the critically acclaimed action-drama Blue Collar Boys does not shy away from the brutal truth about the fizzling American dream being robbed from the working class. This contemporary story pops on screen as flawed characters wrestle with misguided loyalties, greed, and personal integrity. With steadfast authenticity and grit, Blue Collar Boys exposes the crude reality of the working class lifestyle with brash dialogue, explosive action, electrifying performances, and poetic subtlety. Seizing you from the first frame with its hardened realism, Blue Collar Boys drags you through the mud begging the question: If your American dream was stolen, wouldn’t you want to steal it back?

Run time: 93 Tagline: Steal Back the American Dream Release: 2012

Stars: Bruce Kirkpatrick Ed Setrakian Gabe Fazio Kevin Interdonato Lev Gorn

Harry Applefish, an isolated Belgian spy, paranoid, willing to fight foreign forces to serve his country, is disturbed in his daily activities by two men seeking for a job. Their presence in Harry's secret hole transform him in the most extreme ways. Harry slowly looses control in a series of misunderstandings that lead to a chaotic, absurd situation. He is convinced of being the victim of a major conspiracy lead by his chief, Mister Brain.

Run time: 74 Tagline: The Belgian Job Release: 2015

Stars: Guy Cohen Hugues Hausman Kristiaan Debusheer Michel Nabokoff Patrick Ridremont

A martial arts expert turned wilderness guide has to defend her tour group against two killers out to retrieve an incriminating videotape.

Run time: 84 Tagline: The Wilderness Just Got Wilder Release: 1993

Stars: Brogan Young Elaine Rock Frank Trejo Fred Doumani Jr. George Napolitano Jennifer Klein John Lesseos Lisa Marie Hayes Lorenzo Rodriguez Mimi Lesseos Mitch Gibney Mona Dreiling Regina Hong Robert Axelrod Ted Banker Tony Scialdone Verrel Reed Wayne Bower

After suffering for years at the hands of an abusive husband, Bonnie eventually decides to protect herself by pressing charges against him. With the help of sympathetic police officer Bill Star, she decides to begin rebuilding her life by joining the LAPD.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Beaten Broken Scarred, Now It's Her Turn Release: 1998

Stars: Bill Douglas Bob Jarvis Charles Meyer Derek Boisse Frank Trejo Jake Eberle Kennon Raines Kent Carter Lisa Marie Hayes Mark Wilson Mimi Lesseos Timothy Bottoms William Frederick Knight William Lamar

Magnificent Mimi is a woman with a destiny and a bright future ahead of her. She is the world's greatest female wrestling champion, she has a loving boyfriend and loyal family members who care and love her. But things take a turn for the worst when Mimi's boyfriend Nick is wounded and her younger brother is shot to death for trying to stiff local druglord Harry Lee.

Run time: 96 Tagline: Trained To Kill She Will Have Her Revenge Release: 1992

Stars: Al Giordano Alex Demir Barbara Braverman Chad Hamilton Christl Colven Darryl Cotton Eidan Hanzei Frank Trejo Greg Ostrin James Bashaw Jim Hooker Lorraine Hawkins Michael M. Foley Mimi Lesseos Pete Esposito Phong Atwood Vo Rick Shaw Terrance Curtis Terry Mack Verrel Reed

A Los Angeles reporter, who is a former Special Forces commando, investigates a child prostitution ring.

Run time: 84 Tagline: A Perfect Lady, A Powerful Weapon Release: 1994

Stars: Carl Irwin Cheryl Anne Christopher Cass Cynthia Tiajero Darline Harris Gokor Chivichyan Ira Gold James Michael White John Pochna Juli James Lee Wessof Linda Larson Mimi Lesseos Mitch Gibney Nell Stuart Oliver Page Shenin Siapinski Thyra Metz Tony Gibson

This is the story of a small town outside of LA where crystal meth is manufactured. A young couple struggles to get out of a life of drugs, crime and violence. Their love, strength and resilience is put to the ultimate test as this Dead End town refuses to release the grip it has on their lives.

Run time: 95 Release: 2019

Stars: Alex Solowitz Ariana Madix Cesar Garcia Ciarra Carter Daniel Moncada David Fernandez Jr. Emily O'Meara Glenn Fontane Kyle Leatherberry Malik Barnhardt Vivica A. Fox

Set in the City of Angels, a smooth-talking Con man, Kook Packard, and walking time-bomb Undercover Cop, Mickey Rady, work together to rob high end Criminals that beat the law. On the tail end of their working relationship, they reluctantly decide to pull one last job together for the big payday, on a high-profile prostitution ring run by a former TV Star. Packard and Rady pull the heist and get paid, but get set up by someone who's been on their tail. Now the duo must decide if they can fight out of a downward spiral, and if they can trust each other to survive.

Run time: 75 Tagline: In a City full of Criminals...what difference does 2 more make? Release: 2017

Stars: Amanda Clayton Chris Anglin. Chris Caldovino. Brandon Heitkamp Claudia Christian Erin O’Brien Hawthorne James Ione Butler Kevin Interdonato Kristen Dalton Louis Mandylor Peter Dobson

Jordan a young man, who being bullied by Mark, is killed by Jordan.  It leaves him faced with tough decisions. After Jordan's brother Eddie is blamed for Marks accidental killing, Jordan, confused and afraid, is taken into hiding by two friends. This makes him a wanted fugitive. Jordan filled with remorse and sadness takes the decision to make things right.

Run time: 86 Tagline: How many times should I forgive my brother, up to 7 times? Release: 2019

Stars: Baylee Curran Cuete Yeska Eric Roberts Garland Scott George Varro Giselle Mendoza Jaspreet Sabrina Jose Yenque Lou Pizarro Morgan McVey Ronnie Alvarez

Evelyn is the CEO of a Major fashion brand and is an honest and sweet woman. Evelyn loves her job and her company, but the global crisis is coming. What is it like going bankrupt? How does it feel to be at the head of a family business? Fashion is a Horror-Drama about doing business in Europe.

Run time: 99 Tagline: Cutting Down Beauty Release: 2017

Stars: Andrea Dugoni Corinna Coroneo Cristina Botteon Cristina Cartone Denis Bachetti Elvezio Rosati Gabriele Silvestrini Germano Di Renzo Giacinto Palmarini Mara D'Alessandro Piergiorgio Cinì Randall Paul

Murphy Dunn, a wannabe James Bond, is relegated to a down and out private detective. Murphy finally gets his big break when he is hired by a sultry woman from his past to find her missing son. Murphy soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery of mayhem, music and murder surrounding an obscure 1970's rock record with a chance to finally "shoot his weapon"! Will the guns, gadgets, gizmos and his good looks be enough to capture the Villain and impress the ladies?

Run time: 90 Tagline: One Killer Single Release: 2010

Stars: Abby Miller Dee Wallace Jeremy Luke Josh Wingate Kelly Van Kirk Matthew Ashford Sean Wing Tarina Pouncy Todd Robert Anderson

When a successful family man gets laid off, he leads his friends on a gold panning expedition in the mountains of Sonora, oblivious to what lurks where the water runs real deep.

Run time: 80 Tagline: Friends go on a gold panning expedition in the mountains of Sonora. Release: 2012

Stars: Anthoney Recendez Charlee Simons Jason Hild Jason James Kalos Stone Cluff Travis Cluff Whitney Grover

In Blacktown, a small but steadily growing African community faces its greatest challenge – gossip. Gossip that destroys friendships, family hoods – even interracial relations with other Australians, as we strive through the difficult road of multiculturalism.

Run time: 86 Release: 2012

Stars: Edigue Omokaro Ejike Asiegbu Gideon Nweke Monalisa Chinda Robin Queree Saabeah Aforo-Addo

On assignment to kill a failed candidate, mob henchman Joe King also kills his wife, Miranda, a key component to why he lives a life of crime in obedient silence. Encompassed with regret and rage, Joe sets about killing those he blames for the traumatic events he and Miranda have endured.

Run time: 78 Tagline: Vengeance is his Release: 2012

Stars: Alexander Yi James J Johnson Jane Petkofksy Paul Sieber Rick Kain Robert Leembruggen Tamieka Chavis

Brian Edwards tries to tackle his LGBTQ demons and run away from his past. He has a wife and children but is still pulled into a life he’s known with other men. When he meets Chris Egan the feelings he’s fought to deny bubble to the surface. Against his better judgment he allows himself to be seduced.

Run time: 60 Tagline: Making the wrong choices in life can be devastating Release: 2021

Stars: Herbert Bowens Jr Lyndrez Leslie Maalik Evans Robert Parker Shimri Taemar T.L. Leigh Taurus Davis

After being abused by her boyfriend in her youth, a  stunning fashion designer develops Alzheimer's at an unusually early age. With her memory fast-fading, she reluctantly faces the demons of her past, while dreaming of a better future for her son. Haunting and relevant.

Run time: 106 Tagline: Her memory fades, but not her love Release: 2012

Stars: Ford D'Aprix Juliana Harkavy Kourtney Brown William Haze

Italy is the best place to inspire a political LGBTQ film, a compelling reflection on populism and what is happening all over the world. A politician, a brilliant and well-liked mayor by his fellow citizens, candidate for the Chamber, clashes with a graduate, disappointed and against the current dancer.

Run time: 101 Tagline: La Danza Nera Release: 2020

Stars: Corinna Coroneo Daphne Scoccia Flavio Sciolé Franco Nero Giorgia Trasselli Michela Bruni

To support a friend getting over a break-up, four guys get together for a game of dominoes. And that’s where the trouble begins… Glenn Plummer and Terrence Howard, turn in two outstanding performances as they deliver verbal jabs and power punches about their views on love and women.

Run time: 89 Tagline: When friends turn to enemies, and push comes to shove, a betrayal will poison love! Release: 2000

Stars: Charles R. Penland Clyde Risley Jones Glenn Plummer Kimono Daniels Kristen Andreotti Shay Best Terrence Howard Tricia Cruz

Arizona, 1875. Travis Lebeck lays unconscious in the desert. A family rescues him and then he decides to continue his way. Everything changes when an unexpected outlaw gang arrives forcing Travis to vary his plans.

Run time: 64 Release: 2016

Stars: Aitana Bueno Aitor Bertomeu Àlvar López Ana Navas Dani Gurrea David Jiménez Enrique Juezas Héctor Juezas Helio Piquer Janto Gil Jordi Ballester Paco Ten Pascual Cerezo Raúl Julve Roberto Ortiz Sergi Sánchez Sergio Villanueva Voro Ruiz

Lou’s daughter gets kidnapped and the team has to go above and beyond extreme circumstances to get Lou's daughter back safe and sound without getting the police involved.

Run time: 93 Release: 2009

Stars: Froylan Tercero Lou Pizarro Lyndah Pizarro Matt Burch Sonia Pizarro

Four friends awake from a night of partying to find themselves in a hell of a mess and none can remember quite how it all happened. It may sound like The Hangover, but there's nothing funny about the business in Premeditated. The murder-mystery follows the independent filmmakers in route to a meeting that they hope will finally give them their big break. They get sidetracked, and in a matter of hours they are the prime suspects in a woman's disappearance.

Run time: 95 Tagline: Sometimes a sharpened mind is the most dangerous weapon of all Release: 2014

Stars: Adam Kowalczyk Aja Nicole Harlow Keith James Minter Juanita Simmons Kathleen Siconolfi-Ingram Kerrie Hause Louis Robins Mark A Cummings Mark Powell Micah Robinson Michael Artis Ralph Bowsher IV. Craig Short Ray Powell Robyn Torgrimson-Luke Shanelle Marie Stephanie McKee Sy Sayonara Tenesia Crook

On a dark one lane road, miles from nowhere. A lonely traveler picks up a hitchhiker and drives off into the night. As they put miles behind them, a dark story reveals itself, and a shocking truth is uncovered about the identity of the passenger.

Run time: 72 Tagline: On a dark one lane road, miles from nowhere. A lonely traveler picks up a hitchhiker. Release: 2018

Stars: Brian Sutherland Dennis Fitzpatrick Jeffrey Arrington Shannon Day

Lanie, a beautiful young woman, married to a good husband and blessed with a smart little child, wakes up from a nightmare to find out that what she was dreaming of is about to happen, turning a perfect family life into hell.

Run time: 71 Release: 2017

Stars: Kim Soriquez Lanie Martin Gumarang Ruben Maria Soriquez

Summer 1980. Six people from different social backgrounds take the elevator to check out from a hotel about to close in the Italian city of Bologna. All of them have to catch a train to different destinations from the central train station. But what looks like a normal morning of a hot summer will soon turn out to be a nightmare. While a tragedy unfolds outside, events inside the hotel put them to the test.

Run time: 73 Tagline: Six people taking an elevator in the hot summer of 1980 unaware of the tragedy that awaits a whole city. Release: 2019

Stars: Alexandra Rinaldi Luca De Luca Mirjan Boraj Ruben Maria Soriquez

Leonardo is an Italian missionary who counsels battered women and teach poor children in the Philippines. But problems arise when he meets Merlinda, a young woman with a violent husband and a 6 year old missing child.

Run time: 103 Tagline: A courageous Italian missionary fights child and women abuse in the Philippines Release: 2015

Stars: Althea Vega Chanel Latorre Polo Ravales Raymond Bagatsing Richard Quan Ruben Maria Soriquez

Tano is the right-hand man of Don Carmelo, a powerful Padrino of the United Sacred Crown, the criminal organization of Puglia, South Italy. Tano falls in love with Vittoria, a charming woman, and wants to change his life for her, but it is not permitted to quit the United Sacred Crown.

Run time: 113 Tagline: The right-hand man of a powerful Italian Mafia Padrino plans to quit the mob, but everyone who tried before only found death. Release: 2014

Stars: Andrea Roncato Nela Lucic Rinaldo Talamonti Vittorio Boscolo

Alberto Medina (a rich Filipino-Italian man) and Mike Medina (schizophrenic and slightly autistic) are half brothers. When thieves burst into their house and fail to find any money, things gets out of hand. Mike decides to devise a plan to distract Bong with his spiders.

Run time: 93 Tagline: Two half brothers are set about getting their lives back together when an inexperienced group of thugs violates their peace and takes them hostage. Release: 2018

Stars: Jeffrey Tam Lee O'Brian Richard Quan Rob Sy Ruben Maria Soriquez

CIA Super Agent Samantha Martin is injured during a mission and forced into early retirement.  But after discovering a mole in the CIA is working with terrorists to overthrow the U.S. Goverment, she realizes she must do what she can to stop them. Unsure of who she can trust at the Agency, she forms a rag-tag group of fellow CIA cast-offs to stop the terrorists and uncover the rogue CIA agent once and for all!

Run time: 85 Tagline: Never Underestimate a Woman Trained to Kill Release: 1999

Stars: Christopher Templeton Dennis Neal Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Robert Herrick Rus Blackwell Steve DuMouchel

A devoted and isolated sculpture discovers erotic passion through a beautiful model, and sets out into the world to explore his own desires, with dangerous results.

Run time: 96 Tagline: Art that prostitutes itself, dies! Release: 2015

Stars: Adrien Liss Corinna Coroneo Flavio Sciolè Gabriele Silvestrini Kyrham Pierpaolo Capovilla

Jackie DelaCroix, A street wise woman from the wrong side of town, finds herself in the middle of a deadly struggle while hunting for her sisters murderer. Now she is on the run from a vicious gangster and a corrupt D.A. who both want her dead.

Run time: 65 Release: 2019

Stars: Brian Sutherland Eve Brenner Jeffrey Arrington Mandy Stockholm

Jake Darcy, a down on his luck Private detective takes on a job looking for a missing girl. Jake stumbles upon a murder scene and rescues a femme fatale. Drawn into a deadly intrigue, Jake is pursued by a psychotic killer with a vendetta.

Run time: 78 Release: 2019

Stars: Cecily Crow Daniel Baldwin Miah Washburn Shannon Day

In Episode three, We are reunited with Detective Jake Darcy and Femme fatale Jackie Delacroix. They find themselves once again, thrown headlong into a trouble as they run from gangsters and corrupt police.

Run time: 78 Release: 2019

Stars: Cecily Crow Daniel Coble Greg James Mandy Stockholm Miah Washburn

Carlo, a young composer, marries Maria, the love of his life, but his obsession with music weakens his marriage and she falls in love with another man. Inspired by the true events of the tragic life of Carlo Gesualdo.

Run time: 79 Release: 2019

Stars: Albert Nualart Amiram Winter Carles Garcia Cristian Monasterio Fede Terra Meri Anglés Paula Celieres Pep Tosar

Aella is a woman whose life is going nowhere. Unable to find a job and failing to pay bills, she receives a mysterious invitation through her mail for an audition. Excited at the prospect of becoming a film star, Aella goes to the location and is asked to perform a fight sequence for camera.

The ‘audition’ is actually a setup and she is kidnapped. When she wakes she is thrown into a world of underground fighting for the amusement of a hidden crime cartel. The cartel’s leader takes a special interest in her and pushes her to become more violent. Forging a relationship with the other captives, Aella refuses to submit and plans her escape.

Run time: 85 Tagline: To rise you must be willing to fall Release: 2021

Stars: Eric Roberts Larry L. Andrews Mair Mulroney Maricris Lapaix Rock Riddle Taya Valkyrie

A dramatic psychological thriller set in 1968 rural Florida. War Cake is a coming of age story about Judith, a high school senior on the verge of graduation. Prom is coming up and Judith is happy with her friends, boyfriend, and her life. A traumatic event throws her entire future and plans into turmoil. Judith must navigate relationships with her friends and family while dealing with the betrayal from someone she loves. In a story full of suspense and drama, Judith struggles against the pressure of her strict religious upbringing and is pushed to extreme lengths while her entire world comes crashing down.

Run time: 98 Tagline: Judith, a small-town senior about to graduate, struggles against her strict religious upbringing when a terrible event brings her entire world crashing down. Release: 2022

Stars: Christopher Cutillo Danielle McRae Spisso Deanna Quintero Michael Ray Davis Michelle Yeager Taylor Frost