Double Duty

After devoting her life to the Marine Corp. as a top notch warrior, Major M.J Logos (Mimi Lesseos) feels that something is missing. She wants to know what it's like to be a regular woman. She leaves the Marine corp. and tries to start life again as a civilian. But she keeps being pulled back into combat in one way or another, having to fight her way to save her friend Sophia (Susan Duerden) from being ripped off in an evil plot by Sophia's assistant (Alfonso Freeman). During her adventures, Mimi meets Craig (Tom Sizemore), a handsome man who is maybe just a little too in touch with his feminine side. Heck let's face it, Mimi thinks he's gay. And Craig thinks M.J is just a little too much like a man. Between the two of them. M.J must learn to be more of a woman, and Craig must be more of a man.

Release Date:
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Armed and Glamorous
Stephen Eckelberry
Wayne Bauer, Mimi Lesseos




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Double Duty