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Camille is an aspiring vocalist that is well on her way to fame and fortune.  However, a devastating tragedy serves as the catalyst to reveal a family secret that she has been hiding.

Run time: 79 Tagline: Losing it... it's just not an option. Release: 2015

Stars: Catherine Barkley Kweli Leapart Loretta Burnette Pheola Epps Robert Klooz Rosalind Russell Tammirah Hawkes Tierre Arrington Tyrell Ford W. Keith Scott

Darth Vader is trying to raise money for a new Death Star using Kickstarter. Plus more sketch comedy from Dave & Tom: Ouija Board Proposal, Swingers, Whatever, Prison Confessions, Destiny's Stop, Ghost Quest, Biblical Weather, Language Barrier

Run time: 87 Release: 2014

Stars: Andy Forrest Benton Jennings Bill Jackson Brittney Powell David Beeler E. Sean Griffin Jason Lewis Jessica Kinney Jolene Kay Shaun Broyls Thomas Colby Tom Konkle

A semi-elite team investigates accidents in a surreal universe and generally make things worse before they get better.

Run time: 60 Tagline: A semi-elite safety team investigates and keeps the world safe…accidentally. Release: 2014

Stars: Benton Jennings Brittney Powell Christopher Gauntt David Beeler Marie Del Marco Mark Teich Mary Cseh Stephen Clement Steve Tom Tom Konkle

Sketch comedy in the style of Monty Python, Funny or Die, Adult Swim. Outrageous inventions such as Flatulence Pants, Cartography as automobile photography, Dead Bee Levitation Device, Hairless Toupee and many more

Run time: 75 Release: 2014

Stars: Brittney Powell David Beeler Tom Konkle

A British Discovery Channel style faux-cu-mentary about an ancient sketch comedy group that shaped the world of comedy. In this absurd parody of History Channel and BBC Documentaries, host Richard Lagina (David Beeler) and expert Sir Doctor George Flightus (Tom Konkle) explore the newly unearthed “pre-Monty Python” sketch troupe, McFwap, promising in the end to finally unlock all the mysteries of sketch comedy.

Run time: 90 Release: 2014

Stars: Carlos Larkin David Beeler Gino C. Vianelli Michael Neill Shannon Bobo Shelly Delayne Stephanie Dulli Tom Konkle

A group of singers being summoned to a temple to give a concert for charity only to find after the event all the people there were ghosts.

Run time: 103 Release: 2013

Stars: Apaporn Nakornsawan Boontone Khonnum Dao Mayuri Ekkachai Srivichai Paowalee Pornpimol Sunaree Rachseema Yingyong Yodbuangarm

Set in 1970s when disco music was popular, Her Name is Pang, is a romantic comedy set in Chiang Khan district of Loei. Talented 18-year-old actor Jirayu La-Ongmanee plays a movie lover from Chiang Khan named Took Kae. Took Kae has sweet boyhood memories of a girl named Pang. Took Kae later works with a movie crew in Bangkok on a film starring Pang, who has become an actress. Though Pang appears to be out of his league, Took Kae doesn’t give up on his dreams of being with her.

Run time: 113 Release: 2014

Stars: Chanikarn Tangabodi Chontida Assawahem Jirayu La-ongmanee Kritteera Inpornwijit Nattapat Nimjirawat Noi Po-ngam

Song is a young musician whose rock band has failed. Down on his luck on the streets of Bangkok, he is rescued from a beating by motorcycle-taxi drivers. He moves in with a childhood friend and meets a girl that he is trying to win over from her ex-boyfriend.

Run time: 103 Release: 2010

Stars: Kreangsak Riantong Nawapol Lumpoon Pairoj Jaisingha Phaibunkiat Khiaogao Sakuntala Thianphairot Thongpoom Siripipat Tul Waltoonkiat

David has spent years traveling the UK and the world, funded by a small but fortuitous lottery win, to visit people who claimed to have been abducted or had a close encounter, he has a website and Face-book group where he asks people to help in his quest, they upload video interviews they have done for him. He has met and interviewed respected scientists, and members of the public who have ‘come into contact’ with Aliens or even been abducted themselves. David is convinced he is onto something. His mother has given up hope that David will ever get a proper job – or heaven forbid - find a girl and settle down, but point blank refuses to talk about the loss of her other son Simon.

Run time: 103 Tagline: If you look hard enough - you can find anything Release: 2014

Stars: Carol Cleveland Chase Masterson Ian Livingstone Simon Jones Sophie Aldred

Sam Davies has always wanted to be an actor. Lana Ong has always wanted to be recognized at work. Both have a history of meeting the wrong people. As their professional and personal worlds collide, trouble and misunderstandings ensue. Can their friends and family convince them to give love another shot?  Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to script.

Run time: 84 Tagline: Sometimes life doesn't go according to script Release: 2019

Stars: Andrew Wang Benjaman Hanly Callum Alexander Erica Long Joy Hopwood Kathy Luu Miriam Capper Warren Ekermans

"Roscoe's" is the true flavored story of what happens when Clyde Coltrane, a numbers runner with an appetite for adventure, is run out of New York by police. With nowhere else to go, he comes to Los Angeles to save a friend from a life threatening debt with the mafia. But it's a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire when efforts to pay back the mob are botched, and Clyde must use his savvy to turn a failing restaurant into a booming business that can pay back the money. The question is can they succeed before they're cooked. To do it, Roscoe and Clyde face one high-jinx caper after another while at the same time developing a recipe for chicken and waffles that will earn them fame and fortune.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Hungry for a soulful, finger-lickin’ comedy? Come and get it! Release: 2004

Stars: A.J. Johnson Charles Penland Clifton Powell Glenn Plummer James Black Kristian Kelly Merlyn Williams Monique Desiree

Rice Girl is a lighthearted comedy with Windy Yee and Gang pursuing a Hollywood Dream, lands her in a lot of hot water with undercover cops, pretend to be pimps, after a hot pursuit, she accidentally lands in a wrestling match with MeatHead a ferocious freak.

Run time: 92 Tagline: A Naive Windy Yee seeks fame and fortune by starring in a fantasy film leads her on a wild goose chase. Release: 2014

Stars: Chat Ling Clive Pearson Dean Haglund Fred Toma Ian Lithgow Jaquelin Jetter Joe Estevez Martin Kove Pat Morita

Few dungeon masters can make the game come to life better than John Francis. Dwarves, Mages and Barbarians jump right off of their character sheets whenever he sits down at the gaming table of frisky suburbanite parents, Linda and Brandon. John Francis' best friends, sailor-mouthed John Alex and thoughtful jock Jason, bring roguish swagger and knightly nobility to the game. And the object of John Francis' affection, the feisty Tara, provides all the Half Elven Double Princess backstory they could ever need. But when Jason enlists to go to Iraq and with the relationship with Tara going nowhere, it may be time for John Francis to hang up his twenty sided dice and take a job on the other side of the country. However, John Francis is about to discover that leaving will prove tougher than the Tomb of Horrors. OF DICE AND MEN is a blisteringly funny and deeply affecting look at the things that truly matter in life.

Run time: 75 Tagline: The lives of six role-playing gamer friends are thrown into upheaval when one of them enlists to go to Iraq. Release: 2014

Stars: Cameron McNary Evan Casey Gwen Grastorf Rebecca A. Herron Ricardo Frederick Evans

On the eve of his eviction, Ian's home becomes invaded by Clarke, an unscrupulous gardener who recounts the events of his failed marriage in an attempt to bring closure to Ian's prior engagement that failed to go the distance.

Run time: 95 Tagline: Two fellows down on their luck, recount their past relationships and, in turn learn a thing or two along the way. Release: 2017

Stars: Aleis Duffy Callum Gault Jonathan Hearns Neil Goldsmith Nick Capper