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After his wife is diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, a young husband must choose between letting the man she had an affair with donate marrow to save her life, or let her die.

Run time: 118 Release: 2024

Director: Joy Millana

Stars: Angie Piras-Prescenzi Bill Palmer Brian Bowman Cassaundria Robinson Cevin Fisher Haley Julian Kia Quinn M. Simeon R. Frazier Mark A. Cummings Mary Hutton Maurice Bailey Micah Robinson Nancy Nichole Ray Powell

A rookie US Homeland Security Agent is assigned to an investigation of a large amount of dirty cash heading towards Mexico. The agent faces the brutal cartel in an attempt to confiscate their money, so he can keep it for himself.

Run time: 105 Release: 2024

Director: Juan L. Garza

Stars: Enrique Diaz Jose Gonzales Juan Garza Hinojosa Juan Humberto Garza Luis Cale Norma Calix Pablo Esparza Polo Ferrari Sergio Reynoso Yency Osorio

Ryan Bowman has just inherited a $2.5 million beach house on the central coast from his biological father, a man he’s never known and thought long dead. Arriving in the small coastal town with his loving fiancé, he begins an introspective investigation into his family history, slowly becoming obsessed with how his heredity defines him.

Run time: 93 Release: 2023

Director: Tyler Savage

Stars: Alex Dobrenko Ashley Spillers Chase Joliet Dale Dickey Drew Powell Jilio Oscar Mechoso Jim Ortlieb Kate Norby Krisha Fairchild Sara Montez Tim Abell Vincent Van Horn

Brian's mother keeps tormenting him and his brother until one day he unintentionally kill her. He cuts her up and feeds the pieces to his little brother. Now as an adult he keeps up his bloody habit.

Run time: 91 Tagline: Trauma can haunt you forever Release: 2024

Director: Paolo Bertola

Stars: Ashley Lopez Cherry Tolentino Debora Sun Dennah Bautista Deon Bautista Dovee Park Ivan Orville Janina Raval Jeremy Paul Casaul Jersha Santos Lawrence Roxas Melvin Sia Ria Rose Villanueva Roznel Destajo

Anthology suspense/horror film with the creepy caretaker of a cemetery introducing some of its occupants and how each was murdered. Segments include "Made for Each Other", "Art Lover", "Whodunit to Whom", and "Avid Readers"

Run time: 86 Release: 2023

Director: Richard L. Anderson, Michael Haney, Michael D. Nye, Brad White

Stars: Allen Garfield Barbara Wilder Bruno Maucere Cameron Watson Carrie Barton Danny Cole Eddie Harrah Eugene Mandelcorn Frankie Albright Jeff Carrara Kellie Koppel Kristie Transeau Laurie Hendricks Michael D. Nye Michelle Yahn Robert Grindlinger Roger Aaron Brown Sally Kirkland Tim Brod Tony Harras Tori Covell Buchanan

Andi, a faithful woman devoted to work, friends and marriage, begins to lose all of it, including her eyesight. Devotedness and denial have her trapped in abuse, but the devastating journey of betrayal and loss may be just the catalyst for Andi to “see” what she never could before.

Run time: 101 Tagline: When you can’t see what your life really is, tragedy has a way of revealing it. Release: 2024

Director: Erika Toraya

Stars: Angie Ripullo Armando DuBon Jr Craig Scime Damion Stephens Emilio Martinez Emily Coupe Erika Toraya Jeffrey Kaye Joe Wagstaff Keith Weber Laura Black Lisa Burnham Michael Sorrells Mirella Acebo Pat Paschall Sarah Ambrosio Steve Brio

Haunted by the painful reminder of her infertility and questionable diagnosis, a woman is lured into a world of shrouded conspiracies and nefarious strangers, when an alienated teenager claims she is her daughter.

Run time: 99 Release: 2024

Director: Simon Barracchini

Stars: Brett Sullivan Santry Caroline Travers Christian Benton Connor McNelis Hazel Carr-Leroy Jess Uhler Joe Eberle Kathleen Regan Marcus Muzopappa Mark Henne Noah J. Welter Rachel Pfennigwerth Richard Cavallucci Sarah Deasy Stacey Rosleck Theo Sebastian Warren Ashburn

After being on the run from his checkered past, Michael is forced to return home, only to have his sins follow close behind. Eventually caught between his past life and new one, Michael is led to a collision course with destiny.

Run time: 89 Tagline: On the run for years, an ex criminal returns home for a chance at salvation and revenge. Release: 2024

Director: Jeff Stewart

A young woman takes up a job as a live in housekeeper and slowly learns the owner may be connected to her sisters disappearance.

Run time: 79 Release: 2024

Director: Stephen Folker

Stars: Dave Juehring Delilah Hefner Dick Lafrenz Emarie Moon Gwyneviere Ray Julie Beal Kate Almquist Michael Awe Nancy Teerlinck Olivia Child Stephanie Goff Stephen George Thomas Ely Sage

Gregory and Matilda put pressure on a weekend getaway to resolve all of their issues but as their toxicity intermixes with the folklore of the town, the couple’s problems are not the only thing they find themselves trying to escape.

Run time: 90 Release: 2023

Director: Eddie Vigil V

Stars: Ansley Hutchinson Larkin Vigil Michelle Hinsberg Reesa Ishiyama Spencer Weitzel

Marie Diamond is a world-renowned Master Teacher of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. She‘s a global best-selling author and her latest book, “Feng Shui Your Life”, is published by Hay House and available now on Amazon and in all good bookstores. She‘s the producer and star of the upcoming Original TV series, also titled, “Feng Shui Your Life“. She’s been featured in the worldwide phenomenon, “The Secret” and has taught more than 1 million students over the last 30 years in over 190 different countries. Marie is a Feng Shui Master to Celebrities, CEOs, Top Athletes, and Influencers.

Stars: Marie Diamond

Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet-diplomat and politician who won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature. A journey in the memory of a great poet, one among the greatest of all times.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize winner 1971 Release: Dario Baldi

Director: Dario Baldi