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In a cafè in the city with a glorious past that has turned to dust, a fascinating woman appears. Her presence at the same time, every day, causes a variety of comments from the customers, her enigmatic silence spontaneously brings out aspects unknown even to the people that are present.

Run time: 75 Tagline: Original Title - Una Sconosciuta Release: 3/1/22

Director: Fabrizio Guarducci

Stars: Andrea Muzzi Desiree Noferini Sandra Ceccarelli Sebastaino Somma

Giulia Montelli, is a police detective. Her boss sent her on a mission alone to a psychiatric clinic in central Italy to interrogate Matteo Muzzi, a serial killer of influencers and show girls, who is accused of repeated murders.

Run time: 99 Release: 3/1/22

Director: Mauro John Capece

Stars: Adrien Liss Corinna Coroneo Iago García Klaudia Pepa Lorenzo Tarocchi Simonetta Ingrosso

A modern day portrayal of the three daughters of Zeus, namely; Aglaia, representing splendour; Eufrosine, representing joy and gladness, and Talia, the bearer of prosperity and flowers. Jointly depicted in a multi-racial and multi-cultural context, The Three Graces of Thomas Hodges are destined to become a bench-mark in art history and symbolic of all that is good in mankind and the world as we know and understand it today. A series of works dedicated to world peace, harmony and love amongst mankind. As they were in the beginning so shall they be so today.

Run time: 52 Release: 3/1/22

Director: Simone Petralia

Stars: Chu Chiao Wang Kelly Palacios Rosa Valerio Thomas Hodges

Julien is a young street artist. He falls in love with teen prostitute Erika. Passion burns hot under the full moon in Rome.

Run time: 94 Release: 3/1/22

Director: Simone Petralia

Stars: Andrea Roncato Cristian Marazziti Cristiano Caccamo Federica Zacchia Martin Ivanov Maximilian Dirr

REZ METAL follows the Navajo heavy metal band I Don't Konform's remarkable journey from performing on poverty-stricken reservations to recording their debut album with Grammy-award winner producer of Metallica while telling the compelling story of thriving heavy metal scene on the Navajo reservations.

Run time: 75 Release: 3/1/22

Director: Ashkan Soltani Stone

Stars: Flemming Rasmussen Kyle Felter

A broken man finds the one thing he can't live without, only to lose it. He can't bring back the woman he loves, but he can cover the ground with the blood of his enemy. "OCTOPUS POT" syndrome - the Japanese call it Takotsubo syndrome - when stressful events cause the heart to balloon and distort, causing it to look like a traditional fishing trap. It scars and weakens the heart muscles and causes the left ventricle to distort and enlarge. The only outcome is certain death.

Run time: 88 Tagline: Revenge Is Sweeter Than Love Release: 3/1/22

Director: Mykel Shannon Jenkins

Stars: Clara Helms Eric James Gravolin Erica Eynon Hafedh Dakhlaoui Jamie Treselyan Kristy Wordsworth Leif Holt Mykel Shannon Jenkins Natasha Arancini Shawn Kathryn Kane

Eugene, a lonely photographer, becomes fixated on a young street prostitute, Josephine, in his rundown neighborhood. She becomes his muse and his photographs could be a way out for both of them - yet is Eugene saving Josephine or is he using her?

Run time: 95 Tagline: His Inspiration Is More Than You Can Handle Release: 2/1/22

Director: John Fraser

Stars: Andy McPhee Jack Campbell Jillian Murray Krista Vendy Kym Valentine Lee Mason Peter D Flaherty Roger Ward Sarah Timm

A young woman, Maya, (Maya Danzig) and her sister, Molly, (Kristen Abate) subsist in rural Iowa working at a meat packing plant to survive. When Maya meets a young woman, Elsa (Aminah Nieves) and falls in love, she must choose between her family and her freedom. When Maya and Elsa end up on the road, their journey ends abruptly when reality sets in.

Run time: 71 Tagline: Breaking Free Release: 2/1/22

Director: Stefanie Sparks

Stars: Aminah Nieves Andrea Holder Daniel Slottje Kristen Abate Krystal Wilson Kurt Sparks Lena Kutscher Maya Danzig

Dr. Henry Caldwell has brought warring nations to peace as the world's foremost conflict mediator. Alongside his brilliant associate, Dr. Regina Powell, Caldwell has resolved conflicts of all sizes with his patented Caldwell Method: any dispute can be resolved in 100 days. However, Caldwell's main rival, Dr. John-Michael Robertson, is eager to prove the Method wrong.
Dr. Robertson challenges Henry to put his Method up against the 6 most disagreeable roommates in modern history, infamously known as the “6 Nonsmokers.” The group includes a sexual Deviant, a psychopath, a bad actress, a one hit wonder, an anal retentive pencil pusher and a foreigner from a country no one has ever heard of.
To win, Caldwell and Regina will need to sort out six people with nothing in common except for one thing: None of them smoke.

Run time: 97 Tagline: Making Peace Can Be Total Warfare Release: 2012

Director: Francis Abbey

Stars: Ariana Almajan Bridgetta Tomarchio Danny Gavigan Demetrius Parker Frank B. Moorman Greg Thompson Jim Murphy Kelley Slagle

For Gothic Callie, her deaf sister Ariel, computer nerd Chris, popular Sarah, and misogynist Ricky, their evening plans are about to be re-written. Taken to an abandoned military training school, they finds themselves the target of 5 sadistic killers, each with their own unique and different style of killing. They fight for their lives against sociopaths who know their environment intimately, becoming increasingly outnumbered as their friends are killed.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Five Victims Five Killers One Aim... To Survive Release: 2009

Director: JD Cohen

Stars: Darren K Hawkins Imogen Bailey Jason Stojanovski Kaine O'Keefe Malcolm Frawley Matthew Charleston Olivia Solomons Sarah Mawbey Tasneem Roc

A young woman aspires to become a 9-ball professional and champion but her hustling uncle has other plans for her skills.

Run time: 85 Release: 2017

Director: Anthony Palma

Stars: Allison Fisher Anthony List Brian Anthony Wilson Carrie Leigh Snodgrass Jeanette Lee aka Black Widow Jeanine Bartel Jennifer Barretta Jennifer Butler Kayli Maree Tolleson Kurt Hanover Lisa Roman Mark Kochanowicz Rachel A Tisera

Jay van Niekerk, an attractive, but introverted comic-book animator who has his life meticulously planned.
On the verge of great success with his career as an emerging star in the comic world, life finally catches up to him and brings him to a crossroad in his life. He realizes that he has neglected his family and that in almost every aspect; regret is something that comes too late.

He then meets Ally, a beautiful, free spirited woman on the precipice of self-discovery. Events beyond their control forces them to take a journey together, much to Jay’s displeasure, but they’re opposite nature somehow draws them toward each other and falling in love is unavoidable.

However the road ahead is not without its complication as Ally’s overprotective father as well as her ex-boyfriend proves to be testing obstacles in Jay’s attempts to prove himself worthy.

Run time: 100 Release: 2016

Director: Jacques Brand

Stars: André Lötter Anton Dekker Ashmund Martin Elsabé Daneel Hein De Vries Marisa Drummond Susanne Beyers Themsi Times Zak Hendrikz