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Marie Diamond is a world-renowned Master Teacher of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction. She‘s a global best-selling author and her latest book, “Feng Shui Your Life”, is published by Hay House and available now on Amazon and in all good bookstores. She‘s the producer and star of the upcoming Original TV series, also titled, “Feng Shui Your Life“. She’s been featured in the worldwide phenomenon, “The Secret” and has taught more than 1 million students over the last 30 years in over 190 different countries. Marie is a Feng Shui Master to Celebrities, CEOs, Top Athletes, and Influencers.

Stars: Marie Diamond

Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet-diplomat and politician who won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature. A journey in the memory of a great poet, one among the greatest of all times.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize winner 1971 Release: Dario Baldi

This beautifully shot documentary features rare and recent interviews and performances of soul music protagonists. Every year, in the last 30 years, some of the greatest “legends” of Soul and R&B have performed at Porretta Soul in Italy -- the most prestigious festival in Europe for this music.

Run time: 75 Tagline: An intimate portrait of Porretta's Soul Music Festival legends. Release: 2019

Stars: Aaron Neville Bar Kays Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Bo Keys Bobby Rush Chick Rodgers Chilly Bill Rankin David Hudson Harvey Scales James Carr John Gary Williams Otis Clay Robin McKelle Rufus Thomas Sam Moore Solomon Burke Sugar Pie Desanto Swamp Dogg Syl Johnson Toni Green Wiggins Brothers William Bell

10 women with extraordinary stories of overcoming mental and physical traumas brought on by female body standards common in today's society.

Tagline: Beauty Is The Beast

Stars: Amanda LaCount Cindy Comer Emily Rebecca Siegel Kortney Olson Lexie Martin Mia Denae Brathwaite Rose Namajuna Tiphany Adams

Trapped by her servitude in Hong Kong, a Filipina domestic worker plans to break free of the city and run wild, towards her dreams of independence, romantic love, and true motherhood.

Run time: 87 Release: 2022

Stars: Andrew Baris Anna Agawa Annalee Tai Baron Lo Bianca Lo Chaya Joyce Baris Gratiano Wong Juliana Wong Marie Cornelio Miles Sible Reagan Cornelio Vinia Pamplona Xyza Cada

Episode 1: Motion picture star and Oscar winning actor, Morgan Freeman, pays a visit to the Horse Talk stables to talk about his favorite animal. Like few storytellers can, Morgan entertains host Obba Babatunde with first hand accounts of horse antidotes and adventures before riding into the sunset. Episode 2: Host Obba Babatunde sits down with friend and fellow horse enthusiast Jim Pickens Jr., star of NBC television's Grey's Anatomy. Together they swap horse stories and share insights about the bonds that exits between horses people. Throughout this discussion Jim shows off his competitive roping skills. Episode 3: Equine dentistry is center stage in this round up as doctor Bradley Purdue make a house call to a mouthy patient. In this episode Horse Talk explores the little understood world of horse oral hygiene. Here Dr. Purdue and his assistant perform an operation as frightening as any visit to the dentist chair.

Run time: 3x20 Release: 2022

Stars: James Pickens Jr. Morgan Freeman Obba Babatunde

A modern day portrayal of the three daughters of Zeus, namely; Aglaia, representing splendour; Eufrosine, representing joy and gladness, and Talia, the bearer of prosperity and flowers. Jointly depicted in a multi-racial and multi-cultural context, The Three Graces of Thomas Hodges are destined to become a bench-mark in art history and symbolic of all that is good in mankind and the world as we know and understand it today. A series of works dedicated to world peace, harmony and love amongst mankind. As they were in the beginning so shall they be so today.

Run time: 52 Release: 3/1/22

Stars: Chu Chiao Wang Kelly Palacios Rosa Valerio Thomas Hodges

REZ METAL follows the Navajo heavy metal band I Don't Konform's remarkable journey from performing on poverty-stricken reservations to recording their debut album with Grammy-award winner producer of Metallica while telling the compelling story of thriving heavy metal scene on the Navajo reservations.

Run time: 75 Release: 3/1/22

Stars: Flemming Rasmussen Kyle Felter

They fought for equal rights. Now their future is uncertain. For seven gay and lesbian seniors, this may be their only hope. A Place to Live follows the journey of seven LGBTQ seniors as they attempt to secure an apartment in Triangle Square, the nation's first affordable housing facility for LGBTQ seniors in Los Angeles. Since demand far exceeds the number of available units, a lottery system was established to determine who would get in. The story is both a touching portrait of LGBTQ seniors living on the fringe of society and the triumph of the opening of a historic building.

Run time: 57 Tagline: A touching portrait of seven LGBTQ seniors in search of affordable housing in Los Angeles and the building they hope to call home. Release: 2008

Stars: Andy Segal Art Aguirre Bill LaVallee Brian Fitzgerald Carolyn Dye Carrie Fisher Chuck LaVallee Courtney Shane Don Norman Eric Garcetti Greg Macdonald Gustaf Soderbergh Ivy Bottini Jim Macdonald Jimmy Hughes Joseph Hawkins Julie Kliska Julissa Espinoza Karen Dickinson Mahnaz Zahiry Margo Strik Mark Supper Mercedes Marquez Mike Mueller Nancy Valverde Phil Radtke Robert Gant Sarah Seanez Tony Salazar

This is the story of Navy Band Unit 22, the ship band for the USS Arizona.  The band trained together, practiced together, performed together, lived together, and, on December 7, 1941, died together!

Run time: 76 Release: 2021

Stars: Daniel Martinez Donald G. Stratton Francis Emond Louis A. Conter Marynelle Evans Michael Bayes Pat Thompson Ruth Maye "Molly" Kent

Lowriders, Hot Rods, Classic cars are all part of this behind the scenes peak into the real car world of Southern California. Cars Shows, hopping cars, custom builders, tattoo artists are all part of this no-nonsense motorsport show.

Run time: 13x30 Release: 2019

Stars: Art Smith Counts Customs car club Daniel Ayala Dukes car club E Street Cruisers Frank Ball Hoppos Imperial Car Club Lifetime Memories car club Old School car club Pharaoh Car Club Que Firme car club Ralph Gaxiola Revolution Car Club Robert Doubrow Rock N Sic Ink Style car club Suavesitos car club The Vette Lady Together car club Torres Car Club

Mariano Mendoza was born in Los Angeles, California. He is a U.S Navy Veteran. He is considered the Hispanic version of Debo/Van Damme Martial Artist and Thug. He is the first Hispanic Heavyweight Cage Fighter to fight in the W.V.C in Brazil.

Run time: 43 Release: 2017

Stars: Mariano Mendoza Martial art Trainer Toby Grear

This film examines the complex relationship between law enforcement and minorities and sheds light on some of the most controversial police involved shootings from the perspective of both law enforcement and the families of those effected.

Run time: 55 Tagline: The relationship between police and minorities Release: 2018

Stars: Amadou Diaollo Kevin Cooper Oscar Grant William Gross

SENT is a documentary on Fr. Stan Fortuna, a jazz, hip hop Franciscan priest who mixes music with message and serves the poor in the South Bronx and internationally. Before his calling to the priesthood, he was a professional jazz bassist and still plays Birdland with his trio when time permits. Fr. Stan is a founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal who embrace "radical poverty" and live an ascetic lifestyle in friaries in some of the poorest areas in North America, South America and Europe. Due to his talent for music, Fr. Stan has been invited to do concerts and preach the Gospel in numerous countries around the world. SENT follows Fr. Stan to various events and provides insight into his passion for music and for his faith.

Run time: 62 Tagline: The Life and Music of Father Stan Fortuna Release: 2015

Stars: Fr. Benedict Groeschel C.F.R. Fr. Stan Fortuna C.F.R.

January 2013 legendary hip-hop DJ and rock & roll hall of fame nominee Eric B (Eric Barrier) opened the doors to his court room in the town of Roselle NJ. The concept for this show was conceived on a drive across the Triboro bridge Eric and show&Mac226; co-creator Cassandra Cooper, came up with the idea to create a forum where neighborhood grievances could be resolved. Eric titled the tome Ghetto Court and for PC sake we gave it the alternate title hip hop court and the idea was born. Using a real courthouse in Roselle NJ, they sent out a call for unique cases for Eric to preside over and what you have is some of the most outrageous stories usually only heard in your neighborhood bodega live & in living color. And you won't believe your ears, but the pure insanity of it all resulted into a side splitting verbal jab fest for the masses. This is the show you won't want to admit you watch, but we suspect it will become America's guilty pleasure. Ghettocourt or HipHop Court if you're scared of controversy.

Run time: 16x22 Tagline: DJ Eric B Rules! Release: 2015

Stars: Eric Barrier

The film explores the life and work of Wharton Esherick (1887-1970) a painter and furniture maker who came of age during the Industrial Revolution. At a time when America was enamored with consumerism and mass industry, Wharton moved to a rural farm outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began making sculptural wood furniture one piece at a time. The Wharton Esherick Museum provided Coal with unparalleled access to its archives. The resulting forty-one-minute documentary, three years in the making, brings together hundreds of photographs with pre-recorded oral histories and interviews with contemporary woodworkers, historians, members of the Esherick Museum staff, Esherick family members, and patrons.

Run time: 41 Release: 2017

Stars: Adam Gunderson Alice Seiver Elisabeth Argo Geoffrey Berwind James Rawitsch Jasper Britton Jim and Dena Dannenberg Manfield Bascom Mark Sfirri Paul Eisenhauer Paul Savidge and Dan Macey Penny Reed Robert Aibel William Whitaker

This documentary brings together for the first time some of the largest local and national names in sports. ESPN’s Stephen A Smith, Jackie Macmullan, and Robert “Scoop” Jackson give their perspectives on the importance of athletes and finding success after sports.
Basketball Division 1 standout Brian Rudolph (New Bedford), All American Matt King (Stoughton), All Conference Kharee Louis Jeune (Brockton), and others are chronicled about their life in the toughest parts of the city and how sports was their ticket out.

Run time: 55 Tagline: Sports In The Inner City Release: 2015

Stars: Brett Gormley Brian Bardouille Brian Rudolph Dan Martinez Dana Barros Darius Heywood Ddubz Dennis Wilson Derrick Foster DJ MEZE Hugh Coleman I.E Jackie Macmullan John Williams Josiah "Jace" Cosme Kharee Louis-Jeune Malcolm Smith Marcel Smith Mathew K. Thompson Matt King Scoop Jackson Stephen A Smith

Surviving Vegas, A Buck At A Time is a documentary motion picture that follows street performers in Las Vegas, Nevada; specifically, focusing on people who dress up as various characters. The crazy and bizarre characters solicit tourists for tips in exchange for taking photos with them. The documentary follows these characters on the Las Vegas strip and at the Fremont Street Experience as they attempt to earn a living. The documentary further explores the private and family lives of individuals through personal interviews, and as they engage in a variety of activities.

Run time: 66 Tagline: One Buck At A Time Release: 2014

Stars: Chuck Krueter Gary Downe Jay Johnson Samantha James

Satai Gordon travels with an entourage of make-up artists and models. She teams up with super model Patrice Fisher. The women as a collective will cast the 8 member multi-ethnic model street team , that will be dubbed H1- H8. The Hunney Girl's street team will represent the line from the runway to the clubs.
After the pilot which captured the first meeting between the Satai and Patrice, we now follow them to see how they with their conflicting personalities can peacefully co-exist. They both want to create a line that can seriously compete with Victoria Secret & Fredrick"s of Hollywood.
As a collective they will decide on the pieces, hire key personnel and devise a marketing plan. They will incorporate many of their celebrity friends to host celebrity fashion soirees to introduce the line to young Hollywood.
But can they work out their differences in personality to make the business a success?

Run time: 6x22 Tagline: Ex-Convict Satai Gordon Turned Fashion Designer Release: 2012

Stars: Brian Johnson Jamarcus Monica Leon Patrice Fisher Satai Gordon

Winner of the 2008 Aurora Gold Award for Documentary-Project, Let's Riiide captures the Number One motorcycle-riding destination in the world - California. But our reviewers say it best:
"if you've ever thought about riding in the fabled lands of California and wanted to know what it was really like, then you need to watch... Let's Riiide! Made by a couple of ex-pat Scandinavians, [it] covers just about every facet of the California bike scene..." - 100% Biker, Magazine, UK
"Erik & Soren have found the odd characters along the road, and they show us a part of California we normally don't get too close to. The thread in Let's Riiide is the enthusiasm for bike riding, from Harley Club riding, via Track Day on the race track, to off-road adventures in th emountains... An excellent documentary for anyone who rides, or wants to ride, a motorcycle..." - Expressen, Daily Newspaper, Sweden
"...a motorcycle documentary that should be sponsored and distributed by the California Tourist Board..." - news.motorbiker.org, Website
"Totally awesome..." - MCM, Magazine, Sweden

Run time: 8x30 Tagline: Discover California from a Motorcycle Release: 2009

Stars: Erik Lundmark Soren Dela Cruz

iKuztom accelerates you into the real-life world of custom motorcycle building. It’s all smoke, fire, and steel without the DRAMA. iKuztom’s 13 commercial half-hour episodes get you up close and personal with an elite group of builders on the cutting edge of motorcycle engineering. Metal workers, engravers, air brush artists, and 3D fiber-glass molders and carvers weld, bend, cut, grind, paint, and polish bikes into creation before your eyes. Featured bikes include street fighters, art bikes, theme bikes, monster bikes, cafe racers, cruisers, rat bikes, sport bikes, scooters, bobbers, and yes, even choppers. All this blood, sweat, and passion is framed by fast-paced comic sketches, beautiful models, and burning rubber.

Run time: 13x30 Tagline: America's Sexiest Custom Motorcycles Release: 2012

Stars: Ace Cafe AFT Customs Atlantis Motorsport Exile Cycles Illusion Motorcycles Mad Pitbull Customs Rat Bastard Customs Road Dog Customs Rucksters Customs

Champion drifter Rhys Millen revisits the exhilaration and intensity of the 2005 Formula D Season in the action packed documentary Mad Skills. Coming off a potentially disastrous crash in Chicago, Millen and his crew have less than a week to get his GTO ready for the finals in Irwindale. Complicating matters, the RX8 Rhys built for his father, the legendary rally driver Rod Millen, may not be able to compete in the final race. Battling mechanical difficulties, crew troubles and formidable competitors including his good friends Samuel Hubinette and Tanner Foust, Rhys must remain sharply focused to ensure his victory and win the championship. Filled with explosive door-on-door action, tire smoke and out control spins Mad Skills offers a never-before-seen look into the art of driving sideways. Once you've seen it, you'll never look at motor sports in the same way.

Run time: 67 Tagline: Drifiting with Rhys Millen Release: 2009

Stars: Alex Pfieffer Daijiro Yoshihara Gayle Anderson Ken Gushi Rhys Millen Rod Millen Ryan Millen Samuel Hubinette Tanner Foust Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Where Cars Don’t Dare follows Southern California-based AdMo Tours on a remarkable journey through the Mojave Desert by dirt bike. Serious dirt bikers; Sunday riders; and tourists from Europe, New Jersey, and all-points-east have their courage tested against sand dunes, dry lake beds, salt basins, snow, and mountains as they trek from Tinsel Town to Sin City without ever touching asphalt. You may think you’ve ridden it all, but you haven’t really hit the dirt until you’ve biked the Gold Rush Trail with AdMo. Narrated by Let’s Riiide’s Erik Lundmark and world traveler, raconteur, and AdMo owner Uwe Diemer, Where Cars Don’t Dare delivers the gold—and more.

Run time: 62 Release: 2011

Stars: Erik Lundmark Soren Handberg Uwe Diemer

American Motor Stories is all about speed, power and automotive beauty. Get up close and personal with dragsters, muscle cars, hot rods and custom builds. Meet the people and hear their own stories. Legendary motor personalities, museum curators and young up and coming enthusiasts.
If you love the American motor culture, this show is for you.

Run time: 11x30 Tagline: The Machines, The People, The Legends Release: 2015

Stars: Gordon Wanger Keith Ball Paula Murphy Tommy Ivo Wink Eller

The film is about the dramatic events that changed the life of former Canadian professional hockey player Ryan Phillips. Ryan began this movement after facing a series of serious challenges that derailed his professional sports career and led to his incarceration for the illegal distribution of marijuana in a USA prison. Upon his release, Phillips was prohibited from re-entering the United States and was separated from the love of his life, his daughter Sadie. Trying to cope with his new life, Phillips embarked on a series of adventures throughout South East Asia resulting in the manifestation of a spiritual growth and social activism including his involvement with the Somaly Mam project.

Run time: 84 Tagline: A True Journey of Love & Spiritual Transformation Release: 2013

Stars: Francis DellaVecchia Gary Quinn Kevin Hall Ryan John Phillips Serinda Swan Somaly Mam

Guided by the spirits of their ancestors, a few feisty elders of the vanishing Timbisha Shoshone Tribe struggle to overcome government injustice and Tribal Council apathy to protect their homeland and keep their ancient tribal language and culture alive in the hottest places on Earth; Death Valley, Caliornia.

Run time: 73 Tagline: A Story of Death Valley's Original People Release: 2018

Stars: Pauline Esteves

Shorebreak the evolution of skimboarding, chronicles the birth of a sport and how it brings forth the evolution of a culture. With the growth of any culture, this gave birth to a global skim family and a way of life. Showcasing the origin stories, development, and creation of the world tour in the early 80's. Now the next generation of riders are ready for the challenge and are taking it to the next level. Lead by Brad Domke the Action Sports Phenom, as he introduces the next level of big wave riding on a skimboard. Also showing the importance of a strong work ethic, family unity, and healthy lifestyle for anyone to shape a happy and successful life.

Run time: 90 Tagline: The Evolution of Skimboarding Release: 2017

Stars: Aaron Peluso Amber Cottle Austin Keen Bill Bryan Blair Conklin Bob Smetts Brad Dickey Brad Domke George Bryan Harry Wilson Jackson Tenney Turner TFUE Tenney and special appearance by Tony Hawk and Jamie O'brien. Jeff Gomez Mark Mills Paulo Prietto Sam Stinnett Tex Haines Tom Trager

A star-studded journey through films of all times, getting an inside look at how disabled people have been portrayed in Cinema. Starring Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck, Geena Davis, Gary Sinise, RJ Mitte, Peter Farrelly, and many more. Hosted by Jayne Seymour.

Run time: 97 Tagline: The Art of Inclusion Release: 2018

Stars: Ben Affleck Camryn Manheim Danny Woodburn Gary Sinise Geena Davis Jamie Foxx Jayne Seymour Marlee Matlin RJ Mitte William H. Macy

In a search to find the next Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, or Maggie Q, America's Superwoman: The Next Action Diva, is the reality competition show will feature eight stunning, strong female beauties competing to prove they have the stamina, talent and sex appeal to be named America's Superwoman: The Next Action Diva. Brought you by Action Diva herself, Mimi Lesseos (Million Dollar Baby, Double Duty) who will also serve as mentor for the women. Celebrity Judges: UFC's Big John McCarthy, veteran actress Karen Black and legendary wrestling and martial arts teacher famous for Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris

Run time: 12x30 Release: 2017

Stars: Amy Jokinen Andrea Cunningham Aoni Ma Cynthia Dallas Heather Grace Hancock John McCarthy La Trycee Fowler Lisa-Marie Burnside Mary LeGault Mimi Lesseos Sophia Maria Lesseos

Amorth The Exorcist is the most important biopic about the most famous Exorcist of our time: Father Gabriele Amorth. An important document on how the devil can influence the life of people and human organizations …

Run time: 53 Tagline: Father Gabriele Amorth is the most known Vatican Exorcist of all time. Release: 2015

Stars: Francesco Vaiasuso Maurizio Pincherle Padre Francoise Dermine Padre Gabriele Amorth Vincenzo Scarpello

U.S. POWs in WWII sent to Northern China by the Japanese, condemned to spend the rest of their lives working as slaves in factories. The men fight to survive brutal winters, disease, and even more brutal guards, while secretly resisting.

Run time: 89 Release: 2016

Stars: Adam Pailin Daniel Adrian Daniel Edward Crowley George Christopher Jimi Andersen Marushchenko Dimitry Marzaganov Khamid Thomas J. Stanley

The proposed documentary explores the views and impacts of gun violence through the eyes of 25 young student artists of Jersey City, NJ. In creating a 180-foot long mural titled "How Many Lives?" we enter into their innermost world of emotions and thoughts, about the human toll taken by the gun culture that thrives in the United States of America. In working with fine artists Duda Penteado, who is also the film's director, and Catherine Hart, the students depict numerous well-publicized killings and mass murders, some local and others that have occurred across the country.

Run time: 87 Release: 2021

Stars: Alvin D. Pettit Ann Marley Brooke Hansson Carlos Hernandez Catherine Hart City of Jersey City Duda Penteado Felipe Rose James R. Shea Meenakshi Dash Ph.D. Rev. Joshua Rodriquez Sandra B. Cunningham Steven Fulop Steven J. McGill

New York City. A secret diary by Anton Perich, one of the most interesting artist of the Factory of Andy Warhol. An intimate journey into the artistic background of an entire generation that changed the world in the fabulous seventies.

Run time: 48 Tagline: New York, a secret diary of the Studio 54 Release: 2020

Stars: Andy Warhol Anton Perich Francesca Renzi Salvador Dali Susan Blond Taylor Mead Victor Bockris

Four humble ladyboys working in the rubber tree forests at night, in the rice fields during the day, looking for a way to survive, exist and have the others accept them with their difference.

Run time: 52 Tagline: A tale of ladyboys of Thailand Release: 2017

Stars: Patipan Tanyota Prattana Tawang Teerapong Patthum Thanakorn Panyaboot

Playboy Model Dr Baxter tells you all about the medicinal benefits of cooking with Cannabis.

You will learn how to loose molecules making your medicine psycho-active.

You will learn the exact science and subtle art of decarboxylation, which is the necessary but often forgotten step when cooking properly with Cannabis.

You will learn all about the various health benefits not only from the Cannabis plant but from other ingredients as well such as Basil, Blueberries, Pine Nuts, Avocado, Garlic and more. These recipes may help you treat Alzheimer's, Migraines, Back Ache, PTSD, Glaucoma, Sleep Disorders as well as improve your Sex Life.

Besides being interesting and informative, there's still plenty of room for some good old flirty fun when Lexi lets her hair down and showing you that after nibbling on some Canna-Cheese-puffs, slurping a Blueberry-Canna-Shake and indulging some classic Funny-Brownies Life Is Goooood. Really, Really Goooood!!!

Run time: 10x20 Tagline: Spending time in the kitchen has never been high Release: 2015

Stars: Lexi Baxter

Saba and Babs are actors, stand up comediennes, writers, and producers. They’re also best friends.  After losing 35 pounds at the age of 56, Babs entered a bikini competition as an incentive to stay in shape. Saba, who already had her own workout routine, “Autosize,” designed for drivers stuck in LA traffic, decided to compete, too. A year later, both Babs and Saba had become Certified Personal Trainers and created websites to share what they had learned. They decided to document their health and fitness journey on YouTube. The resulting show, “Classic Bikini Divas,” was an online hit and spawned a podcast and LA Talk Radio show with close to 130,000 listeners. Babs, now 66, and Saba, 78, are still going strong and still winning bikini competitions! In their new TV pilot, Never Too Old Never Too Late, these two dynamos share their secrets with you. Join Saba and Babs in the kitchen and at medspas, horse ranches and other fun and exotic places, for a fun-filled journey to health, fitness, and anti-aging.

Run time: 4x30 Tagline: Be Fit, Healthy and Beautiful at Any Age Release: 2021

Stars: Barbara Wade Saba Moor-Doucette

A young woman and her two children travel during the Covid19 pandemic, amid flights bans, to reach her husband in her home country. A journey through lock downs and human rights violation, accompanied by scientific contributions and touching stories of humanity and hope. The focus on coping with mental and physical distress and health advices from the scientific world, make this documentary relevant.

Run time: 89 Tagline: Amid flight bans, lockdowns and disruption, a young woman with two children attempts to reach her husband. Release: 2021

Stars: Carlo Alberto Zaccagna Kim Soriquez Lanie Gumarang Leonardo Greco Pregliasco

The man of Bunga Bunga, Lele Mora used to be an influential entertainment industry's agent, worldwide. He organized big events and speeches for Gorbachev and Clinton; he met Fidel Castro and Pope Wojtyla. But he was accused to have brought escorts to the residence of his best friend, the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, for group sex sessions, the so called Bunga Bunga rite.

Run time: 78 Tagline: Accused of organising the sexual "Bunga Bunga" rite for his best friend former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Lele Mora was the key person of the Ruby scandal. Release: 2011

Stars: Karima El Mahroug Lanie Gumarang Lele Mora Silvio Berlusconi

Teri Bernardi talks to people who are all successful in their fields. We learn how we can become successful in our own lives too.

Run time: 6x30 Tagline: Motivate, Inspire, Manifest Release: 2021

Stars: Devon Thompson Dr. Bill Dorfman Dr. O Estrella Nouri Jordan Flesher Kelly Rebecca Walsh Mark Holman Max Holman Teri Bernardi

The Untold Story Mariano Mendoza. Mariano Mendoza was born in Los Angeles, California. He is a U.S Navy Veteran. He is considered the Hispanic version of Debo/Van Damme Martial Artist and Thug. He is the first Hispanic Heavyweight Cage Fighter to fight in the W.V.C in Brazil

Run time: 43 Release: 2017

Stars: Mariano Mendoza Toby Grear

"You Weren't There- A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-1984" is a documentary that looks back on the impact that the Punk movement had on the Windy City. Though overlooked in the annals of Rock history (compared to media-centric Los Angeles, New York, and London), Chicago served as an important early supporter of this burgeoning and controversial scene.

Run time: 124 Tagline: A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-84 Release: 2007

Stars: Anthony Illarde Jay Yuenger Jeff Pezzati John Kezdy Lorna Donley Santiago Durango Steve Albini Terry Nelson Timothy Powell