Horse Talk

Episode 1: Motion picture star and Oscar winning actor, Morgan Freeman, pays a visit to the Horse Talk stables to talk about his favorite animal. Like few storytellers can, Morgan entertains host Obba Babatunde with first hand accounts of horse antidotes and adventures before riding into the sunset. Episode 2: Host Obba Babatunde sits down with friend and fellow horse enthusiast Jim Pickens Jr., star of NBC television's Grey's Anatomy. Together they swap horse stories and share insights about the bonds that exits between horses people. Throughout this discussion Jim shows off his competitive roping skills. Episode 3: Equine dentistry is center stage in this round up as doctor Bradley Purdue make a house call to a mouthy patient. In this episode Horse Talk explores the little understood world of horse oral hygiene. Here Dr. Purdue and his assistant perform an operation as frightening as any visit to the dentist chair.

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Kennedy Goldsby
Obba Babatunde, Kennedy Goldsby




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