Ghetto Court aka Hip Hop Court

January 2013 legendary hip-hop DJ and rock & roll hall of fame nominee Eric B (Eric Barrier) opened the doors to his court room in the town of Roselle NJ. The concept for this show was conceived on a drive across the Triboro bridge Eric and show&Mac226; co-creator Cassandra Cooper, came up with the idea to create a forum where neighborhood grievances could be resolved. Eric titled the tome Ghetto Court and for PC sake we gave it the alternate title hip hop court and the idea was born. Using a real courthouse in Roselle NJ, they sent out a call for unique cases for Eric to preside over and what you have is some of the most outrageous stories usually only heard in your neighborhood bodega live & in living color. And you won't believe your ears, but the pure insanity of it all resulted into a side splitting verbal jab fest for the masses. This is the show you won't want to admit you watch, but we suspect it will become America's guilty pleasure. Ghettocourt or HipHop Court if you're scared of controversy.

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DJ Eric B Rules!
Cassandra Cooper
Cassandra Cooper
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