Taste of Hunney

Satai Gordon travels with an entourage of make-up artists and models. She teams up with super model Patrice Fisher. The women as a collective will cast the 8 member multi-ethnic model street team , that will be dubbed H1- H8. The Hunney Girl's street team will represent the line from the runway to the clubs.
After the pilot which captured the first meeting between the Satai and Patrice, we now follow them to see how they with their conflicting personalities can peacefully co-exist. They both want to create a line that can seriously compete with Victoria Secret & Fredrick"s of Hollywood.
As a collective they will decide on the pieces, hire key personnel and devise a marketing plan. They will incorporate many of their celebrity friends to host celebrity fashion soirees to introduce the line to young Hollywood.
But can they work out their differences in personality to make the business a success?

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Ex-Convict Satai Gordon Turned Fashion Designer
Godwind Bernard, Cassandra Cooper
Cassandra Cooper




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