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Teri Bernardi talks to people who are all successful in their fields. We learn how we can become successful in our own lives too.

Run time: 6x30 Tagline: Motivate, Inspire, Manifest Release: 2021

Stars: Devon Thompson Dr. Bill Dorfman Dr. O Estrella Nouri Jordan Flesher Kelly Rebecca Walsh Mark Holman Max Holman Teri Bernardi

Saba and Babs are actors, stand up comediennes, writers, and producers. They’re also best friends.  After losing 35 pounds at the age of 56, Babs entered a bikini competition as an incentive to stay in shape. Saba, who already had her own workout routine, “Autosize,” designed for drivers stuck in LA traffic, decided to compete, too. A year later, both Babs and Saba had become Certified Personal Trainers and created websites to share what they had learned. They decided to document their health and fitness journey on YouTube. The resulting show, “Classic Bikini Divas,” was an online hit and spawned a podcast and LA Talk Radio show with close to 130,000 listeners. Babs, now 66, and Saba, 78, are still going strong and still winning bikini competitions! In their new TV pilot, Never Too Old Never Too Late, these two dynamos share their secrets with you. Join Saba and Babs in the kitchen and at medspas, horse ranches and other fun and exotic places, for a fun-filled journey to health, fitness, and anti-aging.

Run time: 4x30 Tagline: Be Fit, Healthy and Beautiful at Any Age Release: 2021

Stars: Barbara Wade Saba Moor-Doucette

Playboy Model Dr Baxter tells you all about the medicinal benefits of cooking with Cannabis.

You will learn how to loose molecules making your medicine psycho-active.

You will learn the exact science and subtle art of decarboxylation, which is the necessary but often forgotten step when cooking properly with Cannabis.

You will learn all about the various health benefits not only from the Cannabis plant but from other ingredients as well such as Basil, Blueberries, Pine Nuts, Avocado, Garlic and more. These recipes may help you treat Alzheimer's, Migraines, Back Ache, PTSD, Glaucoma, Sleep Disorders as well as improve your Sex Life.

Besides being interesting and informative, there's still plenty of room for some good old flirty fun when Lexi lets her hair down and showing you that after nibbling on some Canna-Cheese-puffs, slurping a Blueberry-Canna-Shake and indulging some classic Funny-Brownies Life Is Goooood. Really, Really Goooood!!!

Run time: 10x20 Tagline: Spending time in the kitchen has never been high Release: 2015

Stars: Lexi Baxter

In a search to find the next Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, or Maggie Q, America's Superwoman: The Next Action Diva, is the reality competition show will feature eight stunning, strong female beauties competing to prove they have the stamina, talent and sex appeal to be named America's Superwoman: The Next Action Diva. Brought you by Action Diva herself, Mimi Lesseos (Million Dollar Baby, Double Duty) who will also serve as mentor for the women. Celebrity Judges: UFC's Big John McCarthy, veteran actress Karen Black and legendary wrestling and martial arts teacher famous for Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris

Run time: 12x30 Release: 2017

Stars: Amy Jokinen Andrea Cunningham Aoni Ma Cynthia Dallas Heather Grace Hancock John McCarthy La Trycee Fowler Lisa-Marie Burnside Mary LeGault Mimi Lesseos Sophia Maria Lesseos

Satai Gordon travels with an entourage of make-up artists and models. She teams up with super model Patrice Fisher. The women as a collective will cast the 8 member multi-ethnic model street team , that will be dubbed H1- H8. The Hunney Girl's street team will represent the line from the runway to the clubs.
After the pilot which captured the first meeting between the Satai and Patrice, we now follow them to see how they with their conflicting personalities can peacefully co-exist. They both want to create a line that can seriously compete with Victoria Secret & Fredrick"s of Hollywood.
As a collective they will decide on the pieces, hire key personnel and devise a marketing plan. They will incorporate many of their celebrity friends to host celebrity fashion soirees to introduce the line to young Hollywood.
But can they work out their differences in personality to make the business a success?

Run time: 6x22 Tagline: Ex-Convict Satai Gordon Turned Fashion Designer Release: 2012

Stars: Brian Johnson Jamarcus Monica Leon Patrice Fisher Satai Gordon

January 2013 legendary hip-hop DJ and rock & roll hall of fame nominee Eric B (Eric Barrier) opened the doors to his court room in the town of Roselle NJ. The concept for this show was conceived on a drive across the Triboro bridge Eric and show&Mac226; co-creator Cassandra Cooper, came up with the idea to create a forum where neighborhood grievances could be resolved. Eric titled the tome Ghetto Court and for PC sake we gave it the alternate title hip hop court and the idea was born. Using a real courthouse in Roselle NJ, they sent out a call for unique cases for Eric to preside over and what you have is some of the most outrageous stories usually only heard in your neighborhood bodega live & in living color. And you won't believe your ears, but the pure insanity of it all resulted into a side splitting verbal jab fest for the masses. This is the show you won't want to admit you watch, but we suspect it will become America's guilty pleasure. Ghettocourt or HipHop Court if you're scared of controversy.

Run time: 16x22 Tagline: DJ Eric B Rules! Release: 2015

Stars: Eric Barrier

Lowriders, Hot Rods, Classic cars are all part of this behind the scenes peak into the real car world of Southern California. Cars Shows, hopping cars, custom builders, tattoo artists are all part of this no-nonsense motorsport show.

Run time: 13x30 Release: 2019

Stars: Art Smith Counts Customs car club Daniel Ayala Dukes car club E Street Cruisers Frank Ball Hoppos Imperial Car Club Lifetime Memories car club Old School car club Pharaoh Car Club Que Firme car club Ralph Gaxiola Revolution Car Club Robert Doubrow Rock N Sic Ink Style car club Suavesitos car club The Vette Lady Together car club Torres Car Club

The Marvelous Mrs. Shenkman is a comedy special starring a real life Mrs. Maisel. April Hava Shenkman is flocked out of her mind, pregnant and turning 40… what’s she going to do? Throw herself a baby shower with puppets! This quirky comedy special is a heart to heart intimate glimpse into the psyche of an absurdist Comedienne answering the “last call” to become a Mommy. Exploring the identity crisis of an Artist turning into a Mother, and what it’s like having a baby at 40.  A celebration of life & art in a rare collaboration with the world famous Bob Baker Marionettes.

Run time: 60 Release: 2/1/22

Stars: April Hava Shenkman The Bob Baker Marionettes