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A group of three friends find out that their childhood action hero is currently shooting his next film in town. After a series of bad decisions involving the local and Russian mafia, Japanese Yakuza diamond smugglers and so much more, the three oblivious fiends decide to rob the production to solve all their problems!

Run time: 100 Tagline: A group of three friends find out that their childhood action hero is currently shooting his next film in town. Release: 2020

Director: Radoslav Iliev

Stars: Jonas Talkington Julian Malinov Milko Yovchev Peter Petrov-Pero Plamen Dimov Raymond Steers Terry Randall Yuta Takenaka

Set in the early nineties in the city of Fresno. A dedicated young male nurse juggles the women in his life. But, he ultimately tries to find his true love while facing his own biggest battle. Set in a hospital where he experiences the joys and turmoil of life, this nurse is faced with making right the things he has done wrong.

Run time: 103 Tagline: A young male nurse juggles the women in his life while facing his own biggest battle. Release: 11/3/23

Director: Daniel Fort

Stars: Amanda Kott Arthur Moore IV Babak Medhat Carolina Reynosa Croix Provence Gloria El-Achkar Hya Luna Jim Trenton Nevada Shaefer Pablo Mila Tumurchudur Sanjperlee Victoria Grant Zack Sayenko

A group of reporters prank U.S. President John Hunderson by telling him the nation is at war. Unfortunately, he believes it, and now the reporters must continue their lie, pushing the Hunderson to the brink of insanity.

Run time: 66 Tagline: The War is Fake. The Stupidity is Real. Release: 2023

Director: David Cornelius

Stars: Amanda Blanco Amanda Nave Andrew Hinson Brad Nicholas Eric Trice Heather Gonzales Jim Hanson Joshua Hinson Matt Hudson Michael Peake Terry Chapman Victoria Baker

Unable to see a way to get ahead in the brutal indie film scene of NYC, struggling filmmaker Cathy Klinkman decides the only way to make a name for herself is by posing as the illegitimate daughter of a famous film director. Finally on top of the world, Cathy’s dreams are coming true but will she lose everything in the process?

Run time: 70 Tagline: A struggling NYC filmmaker believes the only way she can make a name for herself is by becoming someone else. Release: 2013

Director: Stefanie Sparks

Stars: Amanda Sprecher Lena Cigleris Matthew Porter Stefanie Sparks

A young man leaves his home in San Francisco to join a charismatic LSD guru's cult in Spain and turns on, tunes in, and drops out - gets involved in murder.

Run time: 87 Tagline: Turn on, Tune in, Drop out. Release: 1966

Director: Edward Mann, Robert Weinbach

Stars: Claude Gersene Danny Stone George Montgomery Kay Reid Marianne Kanter Renate Kasché Steve Rowland Tom Baker

Tibetan opera combined with a touch of western rock music guides you through the amazing landscapes of Tibet while the opera singer Yiga crosses the mountains. Yiga wants to sing, she doesn't want to undergo the cultural make over forced on her and the other people of Tibet.

Run time: 75 Tagline: A chronicle of the heroic life of one of the greatest singers of our times. Release: 2013

Director: Arvind Iyer

Stars: Chris Constantinou Joseph Rezwin Namgyal Lhamo Robert Lin

A family during the quarantine. The wife desperately and helplessly wants to be a mother. Her brother, a mentally ill man, lives in a never ending football dream. Franco, the husband, seems to be the only one who still remains tied to reality. But for how much longer?

Run time: 107 Tagline: Italian Family Life in Quarantine Release: 2021

Director: Denis Malagnino, Davide Alfonsi

Stars: Daniele Malagnino Denis Malagnino Simona Malagnino

Disappointed with life and love in Italy, American DJ Russell wants to return to America, but he doesn't have the money to do it. His Chantal, an Italian dancer, left him to make a career. Taking advantage of Russel's similarity with her husband Doctor Fulvio Ricciardi, Lucrezia, a shrewd and Machiavellian woman, offers him a hope: she will give him the money to go to America if he will help her to withdraw a large amount of money in the bank. Upon accepting, Russell will be embroiled in a series of sinister and deadly events that will turn his life into hell.

Run time: 84 Tagline: Film Noir - Italian Style Release: 10/1/2023

Director: Mauro John Capece

Stars: Corinna Coroneo Fiorella Franco Gabriele Silvestrini Mara D'Alessandro Randall Paul

Following an accident, Sarah Williams, a New York City socialite, is forced to reevaluate her values in this darkly comic, low budget gem. Is Sarah ready to put away her judgments and pearls to descend into the subways of redemption? Or will she continue up the photo-shopped elevator towards a lonely, bitter Park Avenue high rise? Laugh out loud with hints of gag-me gross & riot girl angst, director Stefanie Sparks’ edgy comedic genius grapples with what really matters in a world of selfish selfies: friends IRL. With appearances by Phoebe Robinson (YOU CAN’T TOUCH MY HAIR, 2 DOPE QUEENS), Cathy Curtin (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) and other emerging female comediennes.

Run time: 79 Tagline: One woman's battle of substance versus status Release: 4/1/2017

Director: Stefanie Sparks

Stars: Andrea Morales Annapurna Sriram Cathy Curtain Jenni Ruiza Lisa Haas Matthew Porter Patricia Black Phoebe Robinson Stefanie Sparks Zach Broussard

Pablo Silva is a former child actor still living at his parents house trying to make a career comeback. and reconnect with a girl-friend from the past. All while being haunted by his past demons.

Run time: 114 Tagline: Never Grow Up Release: 3/1/2023

Director: Gonzalo Badilla

Stars: Begoña Pessis Carla Picó Fernando Larrain Gabriela Fuentes Iñaki Larraín Katty Kowaleczko Magdalena Max-Neef Rodrigo Bastidas Sebastián Badilla Sofía Bennett Sofia Graffigna

The parents of the bride and groom meet for the first time. Sparks fly, but not in a good way.

Run time: 75 Tagline: Love and hate are the two sides of the same coin Release: 2020

Director: Rodrigo Bastidas, Gonzalo Badilla

Stars: Elena Muñoz Fernando Larraín Gabriel Prieto Juan Bennett Magdalena Max-Neef Milena Bastidas Rodrigo Bastidas Rodrigo Muñoz Sebastián Badilla

This beautifully shot documentary features rare and recent interviews and performances of soul music protagonists. Every year, in the last 30 years, some of the greatest “legends” of Soul and R&B have performed at Porretta Soul in Italy -- the most prestigious festival in Europe for this music.

Run time: 75 Tagline: An intimate portrait of Porretta's Soul Music Festival legends. Release: 2019

Director: Marco Della Fonte

Stars: Aaron Neville Bar Kays Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Bo Keys Bobby Rush Chick Rodgers Chilly Bill Rankin David Hudson Harvey Scales James Carr John Gary Williams Otis Clay Robin McKelle Rufus Thomas Sam Moore Solomon Burke Sugar Pie Desanto Swamp Dogg Syl Johnson Toni Green Wiggins Brothers William Bell