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Fleur is stuck in a repetitive nightmare, reliving a traumatic event. In the process of coping with her trauma, we discover piece by piece what has happened the night before at a pool party.

Run time: 73 Tagline: The Dark Side has consequences. Release: 2018

Director: Michaël Vermaercke

Stars: Aaron Roggeman Bram Verrecas Celine Van De Voorde Charles De Meester Charlotte De Wulf Emma Reynaert Felix Meyer Jo Decaluwe Jorrik Severins Karlien Van Cutsem Maxime De Winne Tine Roggeman

10 women with extraordinary stories of overcoming mental and physical traumas brought on by female body standards common in today's society.

Tagline: Beauty Is The Beast

Stars: Amanda LaCount Cindy Comer Emily Rebecca Siegel Kortney Olson Lexie Martin Mia Denae Brathwaite Rose Namajuna Tiphany Adams

Trapped by her servitude in Hong Kong, a Filipina domestic worker plans to break free of the city and run wild, towards her dreams of independence, romantic love, and true motherhood.

Run time: 87 Release: 2022

Director: Stefanos Tai

Stars: Andrew Baris Anna Agawa Annalee Tai Baron Lo Bianca Lo Chaya Joyce Baris Gratiano Wong Juliana Wong Marie Cornelio Miles Sible Reagan Cornelio Vinia Pamplona Xyza Cada

Episode 1: Motion picture star and Oscar winning actor, Morgan Freeman, pays a visit to the Horse Talk stables to talk about his favorite animal. Like few storytellers can, Morgan entertains host Obba Babatunde with first hand accounts of horse antidotes and adventures before riding into the sunset. Episode 2: Host Obba Babatunde sits down with friend and fellow horse enthusiast Jim Pickens Jr., star of NBC television's Grey's Anatomy. Together they swap horse stories and share insights about the bonds that exits between horses people. Throughout this discussion Jim shows off his competitive roping skills. Episode 3: Equine dentistry is center stage in this round up as doctor Bradley Purdue make a house call to a mouthy patient. In this episode Horse Talk explores the little understood world of horse oral hygiene. Here Dr. Purdue and his assistant perform an operation as frightening as any visit to the dentist chair.

Run time: 3x20 Release: 2022

Director: Kennedy Goldsby

Stars: James Pickens Jr. Morgan Freeman Obba Babatunde

While millions of Americans rejoice over the Supreme Court gay marriage decision, Michael Reed is in a desperate search for his boyfriend, Zach Tosh. He secretly enlists the assistance of Private Investigator, Kylie Morgan, to help solve the mysterious disappearance of Zach after receiving no support from his prestigious parents, Pastor Colin and Congresswoman Camilla Reed

Tagline: When the bonds of love are shattered by the freedom of sexual expression, uncontrolled emotions and perspectives lead to a homicidal act of vengeance.

Gordon crashes his car, dies and finds himself in Purgatory. He teams up with a heroic gang of freedom fighters who had given their lives battling for good. Together they set out to conquer the fortress of the Despiser; the ultimate ruler of this Godless land of chaos.

Run time: 105 Tagline: Fear for your soul Release: 2003

Director: Philip Cook

Stars: Doug Brown Frank Smith Gage Sheridan Mark Redfield Michael Weitz Mike Diesel Tara Bilkins

A tabloid reporter stumbles upon an epic conspiracy involving UFOs and a secret government weapons program in this 90s sci-fi gem that predates the X-Files.

Run time: 93 Tagline: Someone will win. But the world just may lose. Release: 1992

Director: Philip Cook

Stars: A. Thomas Smith Hans Bachmann Rick Foucheux Robert Biedermann

An alien spaceship is being sought by various factions on Earth. A female cyborg and a rogue trader team up to stop evil forces from taking over the ship.

Run time: 79 Tagline: At the edge of the universe lies the beginning of adventure. Release: 1994

Director: Philip Cook

Stars: Hans Bachmann Michael Mack Rick Foucheux Ron Ikejiri Tracy Davis

A group of young people, enjoying a picnic on a sunny afternoon, is ambushed by a gang of violent psychopaths. Blood and gore is the only outcome.

Run time: 65 Release: 6/1/1991

Director: Jean-Clément Gunter

Stars: Christian Christer Jean-Yves Bernard Ralph Os Obodis

A young couple from Mexico decide to come to the U.S. in search of the "American Dream". Illegals in a foreign country, no family, no friends. They are forced to confront the choices they have made.

Run time: 60 Tagline: For My Daughter Release: 2/1/22

Director: Fernando Rodriguez

Stars: Christopher Bustos Daniela Vidaurre Luciana Elisa Quinonez

The Marvelous Mrs. Shenkman is a comedy special starring a real life Mrs. Maisel. April Hava Shenkman is flocked out of her mind, pregnant and turning 40… what’s she going to do? Throw herself a baby shower with puppets! This quirky comedy special is a heart to heart intimate glimpse into the psyche of an absurdist Comedienne answering the “last call” to become a Mommy. Exploring the identity crisis of an Artist turning into a Mother, and what it’s like having a baby at 40.  A celebration of life & art in a rare collaboration with the world famous Bob Baker Marionettes.

Run time: 60 Release: 2/1/22

Director: April Hava Shenkman, Jared Whitham

Stars: April Hava Shenkman The Bob Baker Marionettes

Three children, along with the inseparable duck Pina, embark on an adventurous journey through the beauties of Tuscany, living the folk tales of their childhood. A journey where a strong friendship will unite the children and help them grow with the help of Rimando, a wandering poet, who will help them reach the sea.

Run time: 80 Tagline: A story of friendship between children who, searching for the seaside, relive their childhood stories. Release: 3/1/22

Director: Fabrizio Guarducci

Stars: Alessandro Paci Ornella Muti Paolo Hendel Sebastiano Somma Simona Borioni