Blue Collar Boys

“Grim poetry, a searing reflection of our times.” – Harrison Cheung, Brave New Hollywood
Tired of the daily grind, construction worker Charlie “Red” Redkin (Gabe Fazio, The Place Beyond the Pines) and his lifelong friends are fed up with the fight for money. When ruthless developer Gene (Ed Setrakian, The Sopranos) and his greedy son Ira (Lev Gorn, The Americans) force the construction business run by Red’s father Senior (Bruce Kirkpatrick, The Wire) into debt, desperation and rage twist into a relentless need for revenge. As the pressure of a foreclosure threatens his family’s home, Red and his friends are propelled into a life of crime to get cash fast. But when the deceit and corruption become too heavy a burden, “the boys” are pushed to the edge.
An intensely compelling and gripping story inspired by true events, Blue Collar Boys captures the working-man’s everyday struggle to survive in a world that is constantly taking from them. Dubbed “the most politically appropriate film in theaters” by LA Weekly, the critically acclaimed action-drama Blue Collar Boys does not shy away from the brutal truth about the fizzling American dream being robbed from the working class. This contemporary story pops on screen as flawed characters wrestle with misguided loyalties, greed, and personal integrity. With steadfast authenticity and grit, Blue Collar Boys exposes the crude reality of the working class lifestyle with brash dialogue, explosive action, electrifying performances, and poetic subtlety. Seizing you from the first frame with its hardened realism, Blue Collar Boys drags you through the mud begging the question: If your American dream was stolen, wouldn’t you want to steal it back?

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Steal Back the American Dream
Mark Nistico
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