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A dramatic psychological thriller set in 1968 rural Florida. War Cake is a coming of age story about Judith, a high school senior on the verge of graduation. Prom is coming up and Judith is happy with her friends, boyfriend, and her life. A traumatic event throws her entire future and plans into turmoil. Judith must navigate relationships with her friends and family while dealing with the betrayal from someone she loves. In a story full of suspense and drama, Judith struggles against the pressure of her strict religious upbringing and is pushed to extreme lengths while her entire world comes crashing down.

Run time: 98 Tagline: Judith, a small-town senior about to graduate, struggles against her strict religious upbringing when a terrible event brings her entire world crashing down. Release: 2022

Stars: Christopher Cutillo Danielle McRae Spisso Deanna Quintero Michael Ray Davis Michelle Yeager Taylor Frost

Sangchan is a girl working in a factory who falls in love with an attractive guy named Rawee. As Rawee has to go study abroad, he keeps a promise of coming back to see Sangchan on October, 8th of each year. While Rawee is away, Sangchan who anticipates to see him has a chance to befriend to Lim, another guy who admires her. Now it is the test of love, faith, and vow that Sangchan has to make through.

Run time: 109 Release: 2009

Stars: Pitsanu Nimsakul Ratchawin Wongviriya Thanawat Wattanapoom

Carlo, a young composer, marries Maria, the love of his life, but his obsession with music weakens his marriage and she falls in love with another man. Inspired by the true events of the tragic life of Carlo Gesualdo.

Run time: 79 Release: 2019

Stars: Albert Nualart Amiram Winter Carles Garcia Cristian Monasterio Fede Terra Meri Anglés Paula Celieres Pep Tosar

A young refugee girl escaping civil war wrongly lands in a remote uninhabited part of Australia. She must reach civilization whilst fighting starvation, harsh terrain and a hunter who hunts her in vengeance for the death of his son.

Run time: 83 Release: 2018

Stars: Craig Bourke Felino Dolloso Hawa Barnes Rico Banderas Sarina Sainju

In Episode three, We are reunited with Detective Jake Darcy and Femme fatale Jackie Delacroix. They find themselves once again, thrown headlong into a trouble as they run from gangsters and corrupt police.

Run time: 78 Release: 2019

Stars: Cecily Crow Daniel Coble Greg James Mandy Stockholm Miah Washburn

Jake Darcy, a down on his luck Private detective takes on a job looking for a missing girl. Jake stumbles upon a murder scene and rescues a femme fatale. Drawn into a deadly intrigue, Jake is pursued by a psychotic killer with a vendetta.

Run time: 78 Release: 2019

Stars: Cecily Crow Daniel Baldwin Miah Washburn Shannon Day

Jackie DelaCroix, A street wise woman from the wrong side of town, finds herself in the middle of a deadly struggle while hunting for her sisters murderer. Now she is on the run from a vicious gangster and a corrupt D.A. who both want her dead.

Run time: 65 Release: 2019

Stars: Brian Sutherland Eve Brenner Jeffrey Arrington Mandy Stockholm

A devoted and isolated sculpture discovers erotic passion through a beautiful model, and sets out into the world to explore his own desires, with dangerous results.

Run time: 96 Tagline: Art that prostitutes itself, dies! Release: 2015

Stars: Adrien Liss Corinna Coroneo Flavio Sciolè Gabriele Silvestrini Kyrham Pierpaolo Capovilla

Alberto Medina (a rich Filipino-Italian man) and Mike Medina (schizophrenic and slightly autistic) are half brothers. When thieves burst into their house and fail to find any money, things gets out of hand. Mike decides to devise a plan to distract Bong with his spiders.

Run time: 93 Tagline: Two half brothers are set about getting their lives back together when an inexperienced group of thugs violates their peace and takes them hostage. Release: 2018

Stars: Jeffrey Tam Lee O'Brian Richard Quan Rob Sy Ruben Maria Soriquez

Leonardo is an Italian missionary who counsels battered women and teach poor children in the Philippines. But problems arise when he meets Merlinda, a young woman with a violent husband and a 6 year old missing child.

Run time: 103 Tagline: A courageous Italian missionary fights child and women abuse in the Philippines Release: 2015

Stars: Althea Vega Chanel Latorre Polo Ravales Raymond Bagatsing Richard Quan Ruben Maria Soriquez

On the eve of his eviction, Ian's home becomes invaded by Clarke, an unscrupulous gardener who recounts the events of his failed marriage in an attempt to bring closure to Ian's prior engagement that failed to go the distance.

Run time: 95 Tagline: Two fellows down on their luck, recount their past relationships and, in turn learn a thing or two along the way. Release: 2017

Stars: Aleis Duffy Callum Gault Jonathan Hearns Neil Goldsmith Nick Capper

To support a friend getting over a break-up, four guys get together for a game of dominoes. And that’s where the trouble begins… Glenn Plummer and Terrence Howard, turn in two outstanding performances as they deliver verbal jabs and power punches about their views on love and women.

Run time: 89 Tagline: When friends turn to enemies, and push comes to shove, a betrayal will poison love! Release: 2000

Stars: Charles R. Penland Clyde Risley Jones Glenn Plummer Kimono Daniels Kristen Andreotti Shay Best Terrence Howard Tricia Cruz

Italy is the best place to inspire a political LGBTQ film, a compelling reflection on populism and what is happening all over the world. A politician, a brilliant and well-liked mayor by his fellow citizens, candidate for the Chamber, clashes with a graduate, disappointed and against the current dancer.

Run time: 101 Tagline: La Danza Nera Release: 2020

Stars: Corinna Coroneo Daphne Scoccia Flavio Sciolé Franco Nero Giorgia Trasselli Michela Bruni

After losing her biggest client, an agoraphobic life coach must overcome her fears in order to transition back into the world outside her apartment. With the support of her clients and her delivery guy she strives to gain the courage she seeks within herself.

Run time: 87 Tagline: An agoraphobic life coach must overcome her fears in order to transition back into the world outside her apartment. Release: 2020

Stars: George Triplett Hana Wu Maria Russell Michael G. Gabel Michelle Hinsberg