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Four humble ladyboys working in the rubber tree forests at night, in the rice fields during the day, looking for a way to survive, exist and have the others accept them with their difference.

Run time: 52 Tagline: A tale of ladyboys of Thailand Release: 2017

Stars: Patipan Tanyota Prattana Tawang Teerapong Patthum Thanakorn Panyaboot

Italy is the best place to inspire a political LGBTQ film, a compelling reflection on populism and what is happening all over the world. A politician, a brilliant and well-liked mayor by his fellow citizens, candidate for the Chamber, clashes with a graduate, disappointed and against the current dancer.

Run time: 101 Tagline: La Danza Nera Release: 2020

Stars: Corinna Coroneo Daphne Scoccia Flavio Sciolé Franco Nero Giorgia Trasselli Michela Bruni

Brian Edwards tries to tackle his LGBTQ demons and run away from his past. He has a wife and children but is still pulled into a life he’s known with other men. When he meets Chris Egan the feelings he’s fought to deny bubble to the surface. Against his better judgment he allows himself to be seduced.

Run time: 60 Tagline: Making the wrong choices in life can be devastating Release: 2021

Stars: Herbert Bowens Jr Lyndrez Leslie Maalik Evans Robert Parker Shimri Taemar T.L. Leigh Taurus Davis

Young and vulnerable Toni (Christelle Baguidy) has just married the charming but shady Rick (Cameron Barnes, Deadly Women), who brings her to Devil's Cove, a seedy small-town bar frequented by drug addicts and petty crooks. There she meets Jackie (Chloe Traicos, I Wish I Were Stephanie V), a strangely charismatic sociopath, who seduces Toni and drags her into a surreal erotic road trip that begins with the murder of Toni’s husband, and ends with a trail of bodies leading Toni to a choice between her new lover and her own life.

Run time: 82 Tagline: You Arrive Innocent... You Leave Guilty Release: 2018

Stars: Asger Folmann Caesar James Cameron Barnes Chloe Traicos Christelle Baguidy Davis Barber Jakob Renken Jeff Prater Kent Hatch Louann Fernald Luke S. Perisin Michael Keyes Mindee de Lacey Rebecca Tudor Romy Teperson Ron Althoff Sammy Anderson Tiffany Toney

THICK is a tale about a burgeoning apartment complex magnate, THERESA JAMES, who runs illegal businesses in her neighborhoods for added financial gain. Feeling the aftermath of the 2010 Recession, Theresa tries to regain a foot hold in her underworld, professional and private life as her employees start to undermine her by looking for a way out of her fledgling criminal empire.

Run time: 74 Tagline: Power, Sex, Money, There Is No Loyalty Release: 2014

Stars: Caleb Jackson Chaseedaw Giles Pascale Piquion Ronald Benson-El Tia Dae

They fought for equal rights. Now their future is uncertain. For seven gay and lesbian seniors, this may be their only hope. A Place to Live follows the journey of seven LGBTQ seniors as they attempt to secure an apartment in Triangle Square, the nation's first affordable housing facility for LGBTQ seniors in Los Angeles. Since demand far exceeds the number of available units, a lottery system was established to determine who would get in. The story is both a touching portrait of LGBTQ seniors living on the fringe of society and the triumph of the opening of a historic building.

Run time: 57 Tagline: A touching portrait of seven LGBTQ seniors in search of affordable housing in Los Angeles and the building they hope to call home. Release: 2008

Stars: Andy Segal Art Aguirre Bill LaVallee Brian Fitzgerald Carolyn Dye Carrie Fisher Chuck LaVallee Courtney Shane Don Norman Eric Garcetti Greg Macdonald Gustaf Soderbergh Ivy Bottini Jim Macdonald Jimmy Hughes Joseph Hawkins Julie Kliska Julissa Espinoza Karen Dickinson Mahnaz Zahiry Margo Strik Mark Supper Mercedes Marquez Mike Mueller Nancy Valverde Phil Radtke Robert Gant Sarah Seanez Tony Salazar

The Surrogate explores the messy secrets and complicated nature of parenthood and the modern family, all the while testing the boundaries of love and friendship and the bioethics of surrogacy.

Run time: 94 Tagline: Surrogate Entanglements Release: 2022

Stars: Amy Resnick Erin Daniels Jennifer Mudge Kathryn Smith-McGlynn Louis Ozawa Tate Moore Wendie Malick

When Steve (Shaun Goss) is released from prison, he is unable to connect with his girlfriend (Bree Desborough), as he is still haunted by his relationship with a fellow inmate.
Taking a community services job delivering meals, Steve meets Rod (Henri Szeps), a wildly irrepressible older man, who is the full time carer for his invalid mother (Maria Venuti) who, when not confined to a wheelchair, gets about on her modified ride-on lawn mower.
Steve is captivated by the older pair’s extravagant world of make-believe and a close friendship between the men develops.
A raw and edgy contemporary drama with a touch of surreal humour. Bathing Franky is a film about hope, forgiveness and the double-edged sword of imagination and fantasy as a means for dealing with the harsher aspects of life.

Run time: 86 Tagline: With our imagination we make the world Release: 2012

Stars: Alexander Spinks Ben Tranter Bree Desborough Brendan Madigan Henri Szeps Jancita Day Letitia Sutherland Maria Venuti Matthew J. Schelle Michael Winchester Shaun Goss

A young woman, Maya, (Maya Danzig) and her sister, Molly, (Kristen Abate) subsist in rural Iowa working at a meat packing plant to survive. When Maya meets a young woman, Elsa (Aminah Nieves) and falls in love, she must choose between her family and her freedom. When Maya and Elsa end up on the road, their journey ends abruptly when reality sets in.

Run time: 71 Tagline: Breaking Free Release: 2/1/22

Stars: Aminah Nieves Andrea Holder Daniel Slottje Kristen Abate Krystal Wilson Kurt Sparks Lena Kutscher Maya Danzig