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Eternal youth can be a curse as well as a blessing. That’s what an aging beauty discovers after making a pact with an Egyptian goddess - involving a revived Mummy and the stolen “kas” of three sensuous female victims - in this “horrotic” sequel to Frontline Entertainment’s cult hit THE MUMMY’S KISS.

Run time: 74 Release: 2006

A lesbian lust that spans millennia… a supernatural horror no tomb can hold… a gauze-wrapped monster transformed into a modern babe, defying even the gods of ancient Egypt in her quest to reclaim the sensual reincarnation of her time-lost lover. The “horrotic” first in Frontline Entertainment’s “MUMMY’S KISS” cult trilogy.

Run time: 89 Release: 2003

What does a vampire do when he can only drink blood that first passes through another vampire’s veins? Lord Ruthven revives his lesbian sister in this “horrotic” sequel to Frontline Entertainment’s cult hit THE EROTIC RITES OF COUNTESS DRACULA. The stakes are high (and bloody) as the undead siblings compete to possess the beautiful reincarnation of a centuries-lost love!

Run time: 86 Release: 2004

All Scarlet wanted was to be a rock star. Her dream changed the fateful night she met Count Dracula! Now Scarlet is doomed to darkness, a vampire preying on human blood. Will Scarlet know peace by facing the rising sun - or regain mortality by satisfying in one night her lesbian and vampire lusts with the blood of three sexy virgins?

Run time: 80 Release: 2001

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, history's infamous lesbian vampire who, centuries ago, bathed in the blood of virgins to preserve her youth, arrives from Transylvania to take over the Los Angeles castle of Count Dracula, her vampire husband. At the same time, the 3000 year-old Mummy of Hor-Shep-Sut, an evil Egyptian sorceress, comes to life in a museum and stalks off into the night.

Run time: 80 Release: 2008

Stars: Brinke Stevens Cindy Pucci Del Howison Monique Parent Natasha Diakova Tony Clay

Haunted by recurring dreams of Hea-Thor (Denise Ames), a gorgeous cavegirl,and a menacing Allosaurus, action-movie star Tony Markham (Jeff Rector) soon finds himself transported, by means of a magic Icon, back through time to Dinosaur Valley. Now trapped in world of dangerous dinosaurs, grunting cavemen and a tribe of exotic, love-starved cavegirls, Tony must put his modern-days skills to extreme tests in order to survive prehistoric perils, win the cavegirl of his dreams and (maybe) return to his own time?

Run time: 94 Release: 1996

Stars: Carrie Vanston Elizabeth Landau Griffi Drew Harrison Ray Jeff Rector Shirlee Jean Brown William Marshall