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Set in 1970s when disco music was popular, Her Name is Pang, is a romantic comedy set in Chiang Khan district of Loei. Talented 18-year-old actor Jirayu La-Ongmanee plays a movie lover from Chiang Khan named Took Kae. Took Kae has sweet boyhood memories of a girl named Pang. Took Kae later works with a movie crew in Bangkok on a film starring Pang, who has become an actress. Though Pang appears to be out of his league, Took Kae doesn’t give up on his dreams of being with her.

Run time: 113 Release: 2014

Stars: Chanikarn Tangabodi Chontida Assawahem Jirayu La-ongmanee Kritteera Inpornwijit Nattapat Nimjirawat Noi Po-ngam

Song is a young musician whose rock band has failed. Down on his luck on the streets of Bangkok, he is rescued from a beating by motorcycle-taxi drivers. He moves in with a childhood friend and meets a girl that he is trying to win over from her ex-boyfriend.

Run time: 103 Release: 2010

Stars: Kreangsak Riantong Nawapol Lumpoon Pairoj Jaisingha Phaibunkiat Khiaogao Sakuntala Thianphairot Thongpoom Siripipat Tul Waltoonkiat

Sam Davies has always wanted to be an actor. Lana Ong has always wanted to be recognized at work. Both have a history of meeting the wrong people. As their professional and personal worlds collide, trouble and misunderstandings ensue. Can their friends and family convince them to give love another shot?  Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to script.

Run time: 84 Tagline: Sometimes life doesn't go according to script Release: 2019

Stars: Andrew Wang Benjaman Hanly Callum Alexander Erica Long Joy Hopwood Kathy Luu Miriam Capper Warren Ekermans

Ali, is a struggling real estate agent and ladies man who has never desired to commit to anyone or anything. One night while out with his buddy Chris, Ali meets and falls for Sandrine, a single mother who works hard and is looking for love.

Run time: 100 Tagline: It only works when your heart is in the right place Release: 2013

Stars: Lawrence Adisa Mekhi Phifer Omar Benson Miller Teyana Taylor

When a high power L.A. attorney finds out that his wife has been cheating on him all along with his gardener, his life crumbles and he no longer has a desire to live. But, because of his kids who come up with a plan to help their father to find true love once again per a dating website and at the same time in  different country, Elena has suffered the same fate as Lou and finds herself in a world of depression, until her best friend decides to help Elena find love via the same dating site "Heavy duty lovers".

Run time: 106 Tagline: Two heavy weight lovers brought together by food Release: 2018

Stars: Leni Rico Lou Pizarro Lucia Salazar Mark Krenic Ronnie Alvarez Zamara Jimenez

Jaime is a young writer who just published his first novel called "Don't Fall in Love with Her", a book based on his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Laura, from whom he still has feelings for. His plans to get her back will be ruined when he finds out that his childhood best friend, Vega, is his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Run time: 91 Tagline: A comedy about two friends who fall in love with the same person. Release: 2021

Stars: Begoña Pessis Carolina Cox Fernando Larraín Gabriela Fuentes Javiera Díaz de Valdes Mai Furman Martin Castillo Micaela Kowaleczko Rodrigo Vásquez

John Haw is a recently divorced man who is having a rough time adapting to single life. He hates his environment and his job; but most of all he hates his ex-wife. While having a terrible day at work, John is robbed then suspended all in the same day. Just before the straw can break the camel’s back, John meets an incredible Asian woman that turns out to be the spark he needs to turn his luck around. In a split second, his entire life is changed when he scratches off a lottery ticket worth one million dollars. Once his ex-wife finds out about his newfound wealth, she springs into a plan of action, attempting to acquire as much of his fortune as she possibly can.

Run time: 83 Tagline: When The Only Thing Standing Between You And Happiness Is Your Wife Release: 2014

Stars: Asaki Kuruma Dante Johnson Freddie Cosmo Jalen Shaw James Zhang JeRome Brinkley Joseph Crawford Kinda Stroud Latanya Clement Mala Wright Melissa Shaw Stephen Clement Teddy Ames

Erin - hot, smart and single, is desperately trying to find a normal guy. She reluctantly agrees to come to her friends’ party. Dressed as a “stud finder” she is trying to find the love of her life at this crazy swinging Halloween Party. The prowling pirate, the sexy nurse, the hairy wolf man, the down to earth cave girl, the dueling strippers, the cops and S&M types, and even a half naked Sarah Palin are all trying to find some quick steamy action. The only guy that seems normal to Erin is someone dressed as a homeless man that smells like sh*t!
Hidden cameras everywhere will catch the guests off guard in the most kinky situations.
Enter the Halloween Party if you dare and leave all inhibitions on the doorstep.

Run time: 85 Tagline: Looking for love in all the wrong faces Release: 2012

Stars: Andrea Leithe Anora Lyn Chris Pentzell Christine Blackburn Daniel Schweiger Danny Pardo David Banks Elina Madison Elle Newlands Frank Gangarossa Jennifer Popagain Karyss Gonzalez Rachel Sorsa Skyler Cooper

The movie has a stellar cast for the LATAM market like Dayana Amigo, a famous comedian and the main actress of the sitcom "La Colonia", wich is broadcasted in Mexico under the TVC Channel. It also stars Nicolás Poblete, Andrea García Huidobro (The Maid), Lucas Balmaceda Pascal (Narcos), Maria Di Girolamo (Pablo Larraín´s new movie "Emma") and comedian Sebastian Badilla (The Pool Boy, Mom I am Big Boy)
A Comedy about a successful guy Johhny Andrés (Nicolás Poblete)  who is about to get married to a high class girl but suddenly has to live with his younger sister Constanza (Dayana Amigo) who just got divorced and is going though a midlife crisis at 30 years old.

Run time: 117 Release: 2019

Stars: Andrea García Huidobro Dayana Amigo Fernando Larraín Lucas Balmaceda Pascal Nichole Davis Nicolás Poblete Sebastián Badilla Susana Hidalgo

Although The Latin Lover wants to be a real stud, he can’t escape his mother’s watchful eyes, and disapproving attitude. He manages to get a date with the gorgeous super model Ana Veronica, but his mother is doing everything in her power to get rid of her. Yet another flirty rom-com from the Badilla brothers filled with ridiculous situations, laughter and plenty of pretty girls.

Run time: 95 Tagline: The Latin Lover Brings Home A Date Release: 2014

Stars: D.J. Méndez Dayana Amigo Diana Bolocco Eduardo Ravani Felipe Mañalich Fernando Larraín Javiera Acevedo José Miguel Viñuela Katty Kowaleczko Liliana Ross Lucila Vit Luis Alarcón María Izquierdo Sebastián Badilla Sharon Numhauser Vanessa Miller

Gustavo Ortíz is a university student from a comfortable, middle class family who is forced to spend his summer vacation cleaning pools when his parents are struck down with financial problems. Ever the optimist, Gustavo soon realizes that his new job provides the perfect excuse to get closer to the girl of his dreams - his neighbor and former classmate, Nicole Ivanov.

Run time: 92 Tagline: The Latin Lover Makes A Splash Release: 2011

Stars: Alejandra Fosalba Begoña Pessis Catalina Aguayo Christian Sève Daniel Belmar Daniela Le-Roy Denise Rosenthal Felipe Avello Fernando Godoy Fernando Larraín Inés Castro Ingrid Isensee Isidora Valdevenito Jorge Castro Josefina Cruzat Juan Pablo Flores Justin Page Mary Lenan Militza Bucovich Natalia Valdebenito Pato Pimienta Patricio Saavedra Sebastián Badilla Sergio Vera Silvia Novak Werne Núñez

Sebastian Badilla is at it again as The Latin Lover when he discovers that love can be haunted, bloody and dangerous. Another flirty rom-com from the Badilla Brothers, filled with laughs, scares and pretty girls. But who can stay romantic when there’s a dead body in the room?

Run time: 100 Tagline: The Latin Lover Has Nightmares Release: 2014

Stars: Alejandra Fosalba Begoña Pessis Catalina Aguayo Christian Sève Daniel Belmar Daniela Le-Roy Denise Rosenthal Felipe Avello Fernando Godoy Fernando Larraín Inés Castro Ingrid Isensee Isidora Valdevenito Jorge Castro Josefina Cruzat Juan Pablo Flores Justin Page Mary Lenan Militza Bucovich Natalia Valdebenito Pato Pimienta Patricio Saavedra Sebastián Badilla Sergio Vera Silvia Novak Werne Núñez

Chris (Will “Spank” Horton) wants to marry his longtime girlfriend, Sharon (Xavia Omega). But Chris is a hothead, and Sharon won’t say yes until he learns to control his temper. Luckily, Sharon is a psychiatrist and promises to help: First she breaks up with Chris. Then she puts him into a 30-day anger-management boot camp, consisting of stressful situations designed to make Chris lose his cool. While in “training,” Chris gets to watch while Sharon goes out on dates with other men! If Chris can survive the month without exploding, Sharon promises to marry him. Trust, patience, temperance, and faith will be tested. Will beauty tame Chris’s inner beast? Only time will tell.

Run time: 84 Tagline: Crazy in Love, or Just Plain Crazy? Release: 2013

Stars: Cary Hite Keyon Smith Lawrence Killebrew Mercedes Diaz Omega Xavia Victoria Stevens Will “Spank” Horton

Forty-ish Alan (Michael Nathanson, The Wolf of Wall Street), a successful TV producer, invites his old college friends to a destination wedding and reunion in Palm Springs, where they meet Alan’s young, beautiful but shallow fiancée, Jennifer (Charlbi Dean Kriek, An Interview with God). The guests include a cynical attorney, the attorney’s ex-wife and her 20-year-old girlfriend, a pretentious and prurient blogger, a successful dentist, a gay couple, and Alan’s old college crush, Laura (Viva Bianca, Spartacus: War of the Damned), who is married to a successful but self-absorbed painter. The weekend starts innocently enough, but long-held secrets and buried passions are exposed when Alan and Laura get lost in the desert, and the other guests are left to themselves. Chaos, laughs and surprises ensue.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Old Love Never Dies Release: 2018

Stars: Adam Huss Charlbi Dean Kriek Diana Gettinger J.C. MacKenzie Johnathan Fernandez Lina Esco Michael Nathanson Miklós Bányai Sierra Love Steve Agee Viva Bianca

Gabby's life is on hold; in fact life happens to her. She's broke, aimless, living with her mother, and working out of her old high school bedroom as a phone sex operator. She's frustrated. Then she gets a call from Martin. He is out for more than just arousal; he is looking for a connection. He charms Gabby with his self-effacing wit, and jokes about his glamorous life as a Hollywood sci-fi screenwriter. He lives in the same city as Gabby’s estranged and successful sister, Esther. Martin is a far cry from her last boyfriend, Chicago meathead Vince. Gabby has always been a bit impulsive, so she spontaneously decides to fly out to Los Angeles, drop in on her unsuspecting sister, and meet up with the man of her dreams. But she soon learns in the City of Angels, things are more complicated than they appear.

Run time: 88 Release: 2018

Stars: Pam Mack Rusty Schwimmer Stephanie Jane Markham Stephnie Weir Timothy Omundson Todd Stashwick