6 Non Smokers

Dr. Henry Caldwell has brought warring nations to peace as the world's foremost conflict mediator. Alongside his brilliant associate, Dr. Regina Powell, Caldwell has resolved conflicts of all sizes with his patented Caldwell Method: any dispute can be resolved in 100 days. However, Caldwell's main rival, Dr. John-Michael Robertson, is eager to prove the Method wrong.
Dr. Robertson challenges Henry to put his Method up against the 6 most disagreeable roommates in modern history, infamously known as the “6 Nonsmokers.” The group includes a sexual Deviant, a psychopath, a bad actress, a one hit wonder, an anal retentive pencil pusher and a foreigner from a country no one has ever heard of.
To win, Caldwell and Regina will need to sort out six people with nothing in common except for one thing: None of them smoke.

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Making Peace Can Be Total Warfare
Francis Abbey
Francis Abbey, Jenna St. John (Story)




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