Actually Quite A Lot

Jay van Niekerk, an attractive, but introverted comic-book animator who has his life meticulously planned.
On the verge of great success with his career as an emerging star in the comic world, life finally catches up to him and brings him to a crossroad in his life. He realizes that he has neglected his family and that in almost every aspect; regret is something that comes too late.

He then meets Ally, a beautiful, free spirited woman on the precipice of self-discovery. Events beyond their control forces them to take a journey together, much to Jay’s displeasure, but they’re opposite nature somehow draws them toward each other and falling in love is unavoidable.

However the road ahead is not without its complication as Ally’s overprotective father as well as her ex-boyfriend proves to be testing obstacles in Jay’s attempts to prove himself worthy.

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Jacques Brand
Pieter Oosthuizen, Jarrod de Jong




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Actually Quite A Lot

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Actually Quite A Lot