Lend A Hand

Caterina is a young and well-known psychologist, her life is perfect:
Love, job, family, friends are all that she wishes.
But one day something happens which threatens her happy but a little bit unconscious existence.
Her father dies leaving her full of debts owing to her sister Viola who has got through the family property; a provincial scandal disgraces her reputation and she loses her job, her husband leaves her. For the first time Caterina must start all over again and begin a new life. A deeply different life from the one she has always defended and loved. After a rocambolesque cheerful series of events she will discover that her deepest strength is this one: never to stop, always being in motion, lifting her head up once more, trusting and leaning on those people, (such as her friends Ludovica and Sara and her fragile sister Viola), who she had always thought she was to help.

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The Kiss From the Internet troll
Raffaella Covino
Raffaella Covino, Vincenzo Terlizzi




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Lend A Hand

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Lend A Hand