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David has spent years traveling the UK and the world, funded by a small but fortuitous lottery win, to visit people who claimed to have been abducted or had a close encounter, he has a website and Face-book group where he asks people to help in his quest, they upload video interviews they have done for him. He has met and interviewed respected scientists, and members of the public who have ‘come into contact’ with Aliens or even been abducted themselves. David is convinced he is onto something. His mother has given up hope that David will ever get a proper job – or heaven forbid - find a girl and settle down, but point blank refuses to talk about the loss of her other son Simon.

Run time: 103 Tagline: If you look hard enough - you can find anything Release: 2014

Stars: Carol Cleveland Chase Masterson Ian Livingstone Simon Jones Sophie Aldred

Virtual reality takes a chilling turn when a sinister computer whiz unleashes a zombie apocalypse in this tale of technological horror.

Run time: 91 Release: 2014

Stars: Alessandra Angeli Alex Lucchesii Chiara Alivernini Stefano Guerriero

"Tim Everitt’s FURIOUS is pure cinema. FURIOUS is a borderline experimental experience, but it is first and foremost that, an experience. The kind of movie you have to see to believe. One of the great American independent films.” - WonderAndRisk

“Furious is power. It’s magic. It’s a kaleidoscopic siege on the concept of storytelling. But those who persevere will be rewarded beyond their wildest imaginations.” - BleedingSkull

“Jodorowsky. Bunuel. Lynch. They’re filmmakers responsible for some of the most transgressive surrealist works in cinema history. Based on his work in 1984’s Furious, Tim Everitt may have had an eye on adding his name to this list.” - fistofblist

“It's a life-changing experience, a singular cinematic entity that blows open the Martial Arts genre into stunningly bizarre new possibilities” - View-From-The-Paperhouse

“Simon Rhee shows off his excellent fighting skills that would eventually make him a top-notch action director.” - KungFuCinema

Run time: 72 Tagline: Karate Heroes Fight Aliens For Control Of The Astral Plane! Release: 1984

Stars: Arlene Montano Howard Jackson Phillip Rhee Simon Rhee

An experimental space voyage goes awry, fusing astronaut Joe Neumann to his sloppy joe sandwich. Returning to Earth, he slowly transforms into a blob of meat that grows larger and larger as he eats everyone it encounters: teenage lovers, lonely farmers, rock n' rollers, kids, dogs, even an entire Army platoon. Within days, he'll eat all of Cincinnati. Within weeks, the entire world! The daring mission leader, his scientific expert, and a blowhard military man lead the charge in fighting back, doing whatever they can to stop Joe and save the Queen City.

Run time: 73 Release: 2016

Stars: Brad Nicholas Christopher Hahn Jack Burrows Jacque "Jake" Ransom Jake Robinson Kayla Clark Matt Laumann Matt Spahr Michael Peake

After meeting their end in a mechanized gladiator arena, four robot criminals - Auto, Max, Strobo and Trog are fished out of a junk pile, rebuilt and recruited as mercenaries for a mysterious organization of android adventurers.
Although reluctant at first, the mercenaries agree to travel to the planet Vidya, an artificial planet ravaged by a computer virus that has sent its robotic inhabitants into a state of primitive barbarism. Assaulted by all manner of killer machines and robots, the mercenaries must make their way through the tumultuous landscape, activate an inter-dimensional communication device, communicate with otherworldly aliens, and bring about a new age of enlightenment and prosperity for a dystopian galactic civilization.

Run time: 101 Tagline: Crash and Burn! Release: 2016

Stars: Andy Jones Brian Manowitz Char Calaquian Charles Harris Grace Kreeger Jenna Hellmuth John Schumann Mandaddy Mike McGowan Sam Gaffin Samuel Williams Scott Yuken Shawn C. Phillips Tim Wiley

Desperate for a fresh start after dad's return from a combat tour in Afghanistan, the Turner family retreats to their late grandmother's house in rural Virginia. But life never gets a chance to settle before supernatural events begin to occur.

Run time: 71 Tagline: Origin Release: 2016

Stars: Alexandra Miles Brittany Martz Christian Gehring Joe Garman Joe Scully Joe Winters Leanna Chamish Luis Brito Mark Hyde Mary Cox Matt Gulbranson Maxwell Heaton Meg Donovan Meghan Garman Philip J. Cook Rebekkah Johnson Roxanne Cook Samuel Garman

It's a year later and 17-year-old Alice is haunted by the armored specter of her dead father and dark dreams of an epic medieval battle. Are her nightmares harbingers of an impending disaster that threatens the town? Or is Alice simply going mad as the line between fantasy and reality blurs? Alice makes new friends, explores love and suffers great loss in her quest to understand the town's seemingly dark entity, resulting in a fiery cataclysm that impacts the whole

Run time: 87 Tagline: Metamorphosis Release: 2018

Stars: Brittany Martz Cathryn Benson Dave Coyne Leanna Chamish Mark Hyde Matt Gulbranson Nora Palka

19-year-old-Alice prepares to leave for college but the strange being beneath her town continues to haunt her. Persecuted by a fraudulent U.S. government operation, Alice is captured, drugged, and interrogated, inducing wild flights of fantasy. Rescued by a handsome ex-army-vet, Alice and Sully journey to a hidden valley nestled in Virginia's remotest mountains. Rogue government forces close in to confront her and her army of misfit defenders Alice finally unleashes hell against her pursuers. It's a journey that will change the course of her life forever.

Run time: 116 Tagline: Emergence Release: 2018

Stars: Brittany Martz Cathryn Benson Dave Coyne Leanna Chamish Mark Hyde Matt Gulbranson Nora Palka

In the dismal future of the post hacker-war world, a genetically enhanced she-weapon searches for her lost identity. Along with her friends, she must piece together her past to uncover the conspiracy for global control orchestrated by those who raised her.

Run time: 60 Tagline: A Genetically Enhanced She-Weapon Release: 2014

Stars: Alina Andrei Mark Edward Lewis

A hundred years into the future, global warming has turned the earth into a dust bowl. In order to combat the problem of overpopulation, all sexual congress has been outlawed. From Earth Station Central, 3 female-starved male astronauts are shot into space to fix a sewage problem on an outlying space station. After quickly fixing the plumbing, they decide to break the rules and fly on to a remote and mysterious planet. It is rumored that a tribe of beautiful Amazon women whose very existence is solely to satisfy men's desires inhabits the planet. On reaching their destination, the scientists discover that there are unexpected complications.

Run time: 78 Tagline: In Space, No One Can Hear Your Parody Release: 2008

Stars: Amanda Gari Anthony Jenkins Ben Phillips Casey Robinson Jesse Bernstein Stephen Heiser Timothy Johnson

Star Leaf is a science fiction thriller about three friends who find a forest of extra-terrestrial marijuana hidden deep in the Olympic Mountains. Starring Julian Gavilanes and Russell Hodgkinson of Sy-Fy’s Z-Nation, the adventure begins when Tim (Tyler Trerise) introduces his girlfriend Martha (Shelby Truax) and his Afghanistan war buddy James (Gavilanes) to the legendary Star Leaf, anticipating an out-of-this-world high and the chance to cure James’s PTSD.
Things start to get strange when a forest ranger (Richard Cranor) mysteriously shows up at their late-night campfire with tales of alien visitors and odd animal behavior in the forest. And when Tim and Martha break the Star Leaf “code of conduct,” the trio must fight for their lives against forces from another world.

"Star Leaf is a trip worth searching for in theaters" - Jason Valentine, KVEW TV

"A cult classic in the making" - UK Horror Scene

"Star Leaf portrays a dramatic struggle for survival and self-preservation that is both unexpected and brilliantly executed" - Culture Magazine

"Surprisingly good. Star Leaf has scares and a final act that will leave you shocked" - Darren Lucas, Moviesreview101.com

"Star Leaf was an extremely enjoyable ride. Well shot. Well executed. Well acted. Those are the basics that you need with any good title, but then you add in comedy, aliens, bud and two twists you will NOT see coming… and you’re left with a movie that has tremendous rewatchability" - Horror Society

"Destined to be a cult-classic"
 - Nicole Black, Hempapalooza Founder

"The film was fantastic, and the character development was on point. With this all-star cast and excellent direction, you will want to partake in the Star Leaf"
 - Ryan Cusick, iHorror.com

"Star Leaf is not just another stoner comedy. Even though every element of one is there, this movie is way beyond just being that" - SciFiMonkeys.com

Run time: 75 Tagline: Some Highs Are Out Of This World Release: 2016

Stars: Julian Gavilanes Richard Cranor Russell Hodgkinson Tyler Trerise

Barbi, a famous fitness selfie queen, is lost in the wilderness after her first date with a cute guy goes horribly wrong. Lost without cell service, supplies or survival skills, she begins a harrowing journey back to civilization with her face buried in her phone. Distracted by selfies, she misses a huge alien mothership shooting down a Homeland Security airplane.
Now, as surviving agents counter attack on the ground to protect their top secret mission, Barbi meets Agent Radcliffe, Earth's last hope. Through a series of misadventures, Barbi realizes that she must change her ways to become a better person. She faces her fear of losing fame and saves the world from the alien invasion.

Run time: 90 Tagline: Stop the Selfies, Save the World Release: 2018

Stars: Americus Abesamis Amy Johnston Angelyne Ben Lauter Jed Rowen Jenna Sativa Jonathan Carroll Kyle Clarke Paul Logan Valerie Perez Vera VanGuard Wizzard Elliott

British TV veteran and BAFTA winner Martin Gooch wrote and directed this tale of four estranged siblings brought together by their inventor father’s sudden death. Seven years after killing their favorite brother in a lab accident, their father was engaged in a secret experiment that drained the family fortune and ultimately took his life. Searching for clues to what happened, the adult children discover that if they can’t overcome their differences and work together, both their father and brother will be lost forever between two worlds.
Featuring: Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hot Fuzz), Leslie Phillips (Late Bloomers, Harry Potter) Michael McKell (East Enders, Emmerdale), Linal Haft (Moulin Rouge!, East Enders), David Acton (Persuasion)

Run time: 92 Tagline: It's Not What You Think Release: 2013

Stars: Ben Shockley Brooke Burfitt Claira Watson Parr David Acton David Wayman Genevieve Berkeley-Steele Ian Livingstone Jonathan Hansler Leslie Phillips Linal Haft Mark Felgate Michael McKell Nick Moran Nicola Goodchild Paul Freeman

An alien spaceship is being sought by various factions on Earth. A female cyborg and a rogue trader team up to stop evil forces from taking over the ship.

Run time: 79 Tagline: At the edge of the universe lies the beginning of adventure. Release: 1994

Stars: Hans Bachmann Michael Mack Rick Foucheux Ron Ikejiri Tracy Davis

A tabloid reporter stumbles upon an epic conspiracy involving UFOs and a secret government weapons program in this 90s sci-fi gem that predates the X-Files.

Run time: 93 Tagline: Someone will win. But the world just may lose. Release: 1992

Stars: A. Thomas Smith Hans Bachmann Rick Foucheux Robert Biedermann